Amazon premieres first ‘The Boys’ teaser during NYCC panel

The Boys

During New York Comic Con (NYCC), Amazon Prime Video held a panel for its upcoming adaptation of the comic book series ‘The Boys.’ During the panel, Amazon premiered the first teaser trailer for the show that’s due out to be released in 2019, just a week after the first official poster was released.

In the trailer, which runs for just about a minute, we get to see Elizabeth Shue’s character, Madeline Stillwell, who’s the Senior Vice President of hero management at Vought International. Vought has a roster of Superheroes they manage, most notably a group of popular Heroes dubbed “The Seven.” They consist of the heroes Queen Maeve, Black Noir, Jack from Jupiter, Mister Marathon, The Deep and Lamplighter, all of which are led by team leader Homelander.

During the teaser we get a brief look at each of the seven, as each one is showcased either being adored by fans, helping the community, or just looking “super.” As Madeline continues to ensure the viewers that Vought International will continue to keep citizens safe and promises that they are there for “them,” her little speech is quickly dismissed as we’re now introduced to “The Boys,” who all give the middle finger to the television.

The Boys is a comic book from Garth Ennis (Preacher, Punisher, Hellblazer) that tells the story of a CIA Black Ops group called The Boys, who are charged with monitoring the superhero community. In the world of The Boys, superheroes are corrupted by their fame, thus resulting in them engaging in reckless behavior. Though they tend to always put the community in danger, they are still revered by the public for their acts of heroism. Led by Billy Butcher, The Boys make sure that heroes pay for their reckless behavior in any manner they seem fit, and the currency is broken bones and blood.

During the panel at NYCC, fans were also treated to the surprise that Simon Pegg would indeed by appearing in the TV show. To fans of the boys, this was huge news since the character Hugh Campbell is modeled exactly after Simon Pegg in the comic. Many believed that Simon Pegg would play the role of Hughie Campbell, but that role went to actor Jack Quaid (Hunger Games, Rampage). It was revealed by Simon Pegg himself that his role would be that of Jack Quaid’s father.

After watching the brief teaser for The Boys, it seems that Amazon is going to stick with the same route of their other superhero show, ‘The Tick.’ That show has a very dark, violent, and comedic tone. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are producing the show, and if you’ve seen their work on AMC’s the Preacher, then you know what you’re in store for.

The Boys will premiere on Amazon Prime sometime in 2019.

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