Delusion: The Blue Blade review

Delusion: The Blue Blade

Delusion: The Blue Blade follows a string of successful interactive theater performances, so it was not exactly surprising to see the entire 2018 run sold out before it even began. Attendees can expect to be thrust out of their comfort zones as they go from room to room with an actor whom they are not sure they can trust. For the last couple of years around the fall season, we were always looking forward to the next offering by creator Jon Braver. Delusion has been performing shows since 2011 and after a hiatus in 2017, there was no way we could miss this. When word got out of an all-new performance for 2018, The Blue Blade, it was a buy first, ask questions later situation.

Embarking on an Adventure

The last Delusion performance in 2016, His Crimson Queen, was accompanied by one of the eeriest soundtracks that spread that tingly feeling to your spine. The underlying theme then was horror and has been horror since the first Delusion. It’s a departure this year from the horror theme and into an Indiana Jones-like adventure. Even without a horror base, there is still a creepy feeling of being thrown into a dark world with a million dark corners. Delusion: The Blue Blade may not be meant to jump scare you, but you will still find yourself clutching each other’s hands are you walk through an unlit hallway with a dark figure waiting ahead.

Your Story

You are a group of adventures enlisted by the Safeguard Society to recover the Blue Blade, which was stolen in an inside job by Professor Evelyn Lowell. While hanging out at an outdoor lounge named Fais Do Do, you are confronted with a new lead that you must investigate immediately. This is how the chase begins.

One of the neat parts of the experience was the Fais Do Do lounge, where other pending groups also wait for their reservation time. Little did we know was that the adventure was unfolding around us for other groups. Essentially, the immersion immediately started in the waiting lounge while we were buying drinks at the bar.

Fais Do Do Outdoor Bar

Choose Your Own Adventure

No two experiences through Delusion are the same. Your group can expect to be separated at many times throughout the adventure. Clutching on to your loved ones is one sure way to get separated from them. There also is a great deal of foreshadowing in the clues that you uncover. Check out our first clues which we were able to snap before our phones were shortly confiscated. It’s an immersive experience so detach yourselves from the world now; it’s electrifying!

Clue #1

Your journey through this year’s Delusion will take you through space and time with the power of the Blue Blade. With that said, you’ll have some gimmicks like stopping time, but the coolness factor comes back into play when you walk through tears in the time fabric and find yourself in the distant past or future. Be prepared for anything. The recovery of the Blue Blade depends on you.

But Delusion: The Blue Blade Is Already Sold Out

Yes, sorry, this year’s Delusion performance already sold out 3 months in advance, but there is waitlist possibility that leaves you a sliver of a chance to experience it this year. Check it out at the website below.

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