The 17th Door returns with shocking, disgusting and intense haunted experience

The 17th Door

It’s the Halloween season, and it’s a good time to be a horror fan with amusement parks getting the Halloween makeover and shows like Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House premiering this month. Let’s face it, going through a haunted maze at an amusement park really isn’t scary since you’re surrounded by people at all times. With that said, we have been blessed with dedicated haunters focusing on really giving you intense and scary experiences. The 17th Door in Fullerton, CA, is back for the 2018 Halloween season with “Crybaby,” and it’s bringing back the intimate experience by putting you in a small group through a horrific and theatrical experience.

The story of Paula evolves each year at The 17th Door, and this year the tortured soul continues her descent into madness. She is still at the Perpetuum Penitentiary due to her insanity and murder of her infant son. There is hope though, as the prison psychiatrist offers Art Therapy along with a puppet named “Lincoln” to help her cope. Well, when we say cope, we actually mean her nightmares will be coming to life.

In a typical haunted maze, you would walk inside with a line of people in front and behind you. And because of this, it lessens the intensity of the maze, and you’re no longer scared because you see a monster scaring people all around you to the point where you know what’s going to happen next. In The 17th Door, it sections off the rooms with doors. You and your small group go from room to room, giving you a more intimate experience. The rooms utilize a light for each door, and when the light turns green, that means you can proceed. In addition to that, the haunted experience implements immersive techniques that make you feel like you’re in prison along with the feeling of being in a firing squad, killing an inmate, and more.

But before entering, you’re asked to sign a waiver because it does involve some physical activity, terrible smells, getting shocked, claustrophobic situations, and more. As long as you’re healthy and don’t have a weak heart, you should be able to go through this. In the case that things get too intense or scary for you, there is a safe word, and the show reminds you of it before starting. I came out of The 17th Door with a few welts, but overall I came out in one piece.

Warning: Slight Spoilers Ahead

There are a few sets that are familiar to those who have attended last year, but you’ll be experiencing new rooms mostly. Each room helps enhance the prison life, and there is more focus on the story this time around as you see Paula’s treatment and how it’s affecting her.

There is a cell that is very disgusting, and it gave me the creeps thanks to the combination of smell and bugs. I was so disgusted and afraid of what’s going to happen that I tried to stay at the center of the room at all times. However, that really won’t help you thanks to an actor amplifying the gross factor.

The 17th Door

Near the end I volunteered to enter a vent, and it was terrible and exhilarating at the same time. There was an inflatable material that prevented me from crawling further. If you have claustrophobia, do not volunteer. When I crawled inside, I was stuck for a few minutes. I really couldn’t do anything at all, but once I was able to continue, I got zapped. It’s not a good feeling, but it makes for a great story.

If you’re reading this and are thinking, “I’m definitely not going to check out The 17th Door,” there is a tamer version. If you purchase the Mercy Pendant, it will prevent you from encountering bugs and getting zapped. However, that just takes away from the fun, and you might as well just go to a regular haunted maze.

There are people who avoid attractions like Splash Mountain at Disneyland because they don’t want to get wet. Last year’s The 17th Door featured water running through a tunnel as you crawled your way out. If you hated that, then this year is your lucky year. That means you can wear comfortable clothes and not worry about them getting wet.

One of the scariest rooms last year was the ball pit room. Guests were left in the dark, and the fear of heights would kick in as you fall into the unknown. The new version is more elaborate, and it will amplify your fear of heights. Since I was expecting this, I wasn’t as afraid compared to last year.

The 17th Door is one of the best haunted experiences out there filled with scares and shocks. If you’re tired of the tame haunted mazes and are desensitized, then you should step up to bat for a very intense and scary haunt.

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