Get ready for the holidays with Venom and Genie ugly sweaters

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Merchoid is always bringing its A game for the holidays. And as usual during the Christmas holiday, people wear those gaudy sweaters also known as “ugly sweaters” for parties. By the way, that time is just three months away, but some folks use that time to show awesome designs, and that is where Merchoid comes in. It always comes up with awesome designs for the holidays to prepare you for parties.

With a Venom movie coming out soon, it would be a waste not to get fans dressed up for the holidays. Now, these are not just pressed images on a sweater, as many other sites offer, but these are actually knitted sweaters. The Venom sweater in the classic colors of black and white with the white Venom logo on the chest, back, and elbow areas. It also has snowflakes and holly just below the shoulder and around the waist.

Another sweater to keep an eye out for is Genie from Disney’s animated film, Aladdin. The sweater has the profile picture of Genie with his big smile, and he’s wearing a Santa hat with the captions saying, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” below the picture. Genie’s lamp is found around the elbow area. This is a blue sweater with blue and white polka dots everywhere.

These two are a must have. You can click here to see the Venom or Genies sweater.

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