Rowkin releases true wireless earbuds Ascent Charge+


True wireless earbuds are growing in popularity as more and more people are aiming to get the minimalist look when wearing headphones. But most choices for these earbuds typically fall under two categories. Low price with poor performance or a higher price tag with great performance. But where does that leave the consumers who want performance without paying over $150?

Rowkin is a manufacturer based out of California that’s aiming to bring you a true wireless earbud. If you’ve never heard of Rowkin, don’t be alarmed, as most consumers haven’t. But that doesn’t stop them from creating products that they believe people with active lifestyles can use. Recently Rowkin just released their new earbuds called ‘Ascent Charge+’ which is their most powerful and true wireless earbuds.

The Ascent Charge comes in with a size of 0.61”(D)x 0.93” (L) and weighs in at just 0.23oz (6.4g). The portable charging case is 1.28”x1.71”x4.45” and weighs 4.39oz. On the technology side, you’re going to get a dynamic driver with a premium mylar diaphragm. A MediaTek 1526P True Wireless Chipset, Laser Direct Structuring Antenna technology, Hi-Density Li_ion Battery Cell, Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth low energy, and touch controls with an auto-on fast pairing. For comfort, the earbuds will have an ergonomic fit with a retention wheel for a secure fit. As far as battery life you’ll be getting 50+ hours music/talk time. With the Rowkin app, you’ll be able to locate your earbuds if you ever lose them and have full audio control with an EQ customization.

One feature that I think puts Rowkin above other True Wireless earbuds is that the Ascent Charge+ case will be Qi-enabled and can also act as a power bank for other devices. Which can provide up to 15 recharges before needing to be recharged itself. With manufacturers racing to create the holy grail of true wireless earbuds, will Rowkin’s Ascent Charge be enough to set a new standard on what consumers are looking for when they want to be truly wireless?

The Ascent Charge+ (Qi-Enabled) is available now for $139.99 in black or slate gray with cobalt blue coming in December.

The Ascent Charge is available for pre-order now for $129.99 in black or slate gray with cobalt blue coming in December.

Visit to order yours today.

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