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Edifier E255

With the number of blockbuster movies coming out, there are people who are looking to build themselves a home entertainment system so that they can be immersed in their favorite movies once it’s out of the theaters. But when your home isn’t that big or if space is limited, you can’t go with a high-end earth-rumbling system. Now quite often most people will sacrifice that theater sound by getting a slim soundbar that they can pop right under the T.V. But if you don’t have any concern for the neighbors around you and want to really expand your home theater system without breaking the bank, the EDIFIER E255 sound system can be what your home is missing.

The E255 is an individual satellite 5.1 speaker system. Which means you’ll get six individual pieces: Two front speakers, two surround speakers, a center channel, and a subwoofer. The center channel includes the audio inputs which consist of three optical ports and one auxiliary port. For the treble you’ll find 16-watt amps, for the mids you’ll get 20-watt amps, and for the subwoofer, you’ll get 220-watts. There’s also a small remote that will let you adjust volume, change the surround sound, and access the settings menu.

When it comes to the design of the system, there’s no denying that these look gorgeous. Edifier decided to throw that “boxy” look out the window and lean towards a much more elegant and attractive design. When I took the system out of the package and saw the bright red color, it immediately reminded me of a sports car. The rounded edges and glossy look make this system truly stand out when it’s set up inside your home. The design also caters to a wireless and clutter free system. The front left and right speaker are the only speakers that have a cable that’s directly connected to the center channel, the two other speakers and subwoofer are connected wirelessly.

The sound quality of the E255 system is impressive; everything seemed balanced and clean. I didn’t notice any distortion in the mids and highs, and the lows had a very nice punch to them, considering that when I first looked at the size of the subwoofer, I immediately thought it would have that kick that’s just obnoxiously high. Thankfully it was quite the opposite. And when watching movies, that amount of rumble in the audio is just what we’re looking for. In the space I had the system set up in, the sound did a great job of really filling the room, and that was with the speakers being in a close proximity to each other. Now the overall volume I felt leaned a little bit on the quiet side when I first set up the system. I had the volume initially set at 40, and it seemed like the vocals came in too low, and was easily drowned out by the lows. Luckily within the center console, you can adjust the volume of each channel individually. After I turned up each channel, I noticed a huge difference in the overall volume. And at the setting of 40, it was noticeably louder with evenness across the vocals and lows.

The system is set up with Dolby Digital and DTS decoders which will help the system maximize the audio of what you’re listening to. On the Dolby side, you’ll be getting Dolby’s Pro Logic II system. With PLII the E255 system will widen the sound area which will produce a more natural surround sound. Where I really benefited from with the E255 system was in video games, primarily games like Overwatch and Battlefield. It’s there where I got to really hear what kind of sound quality the E255 was able to produce. While playing I was able to hear every explosion, every bullet snap, and every gunshot. Needless to say, I felt that I got the full gist of the system’s surround sound as I was able to hear the different sounds that were coming out of each speaker, and at times it felt as if the sound was moving around the room.

For the price, the Edifier E255 is a sound system that you can strongly consider especially with the price tag of $1000. The design itself is strikingly wonderful and can easily heighten the look of your living room. The center channel has touch-sensitive controls located at the top, and the glossy finish on the system does make the entire system a magnet for fingerprints. But with the included remote, I don’t see you needing to touch the center channel all that much. The system itself is easy to set up. In fact, the wireless channels and subwoofer were already connected to the center channel out of the box. So once I had all the power plugged in and the two front channels connected, I was ready to pop in my favorite movie and start watching. I think it took me longer to figure out where I wanted to place the speakers than actually connecting them.

Sound quality here is amazing. It does a great job of not only filling up your room with immersive sound but also reducing any disruptive noise that can cause displeasure in what you’re watching or listening to. One thing that I would have like to see with the system was a way to easily mount it to walls. The non-squared shape does limit you with any mounting options, so if you did want to place the speakers up high you’ll have to buy a mounting system separately.


The Edifier E255 is available now at https://www.edifier.com/us/en/ for $999.99 and is available in either Red or Black

Score: 4.5/5 Atoms



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