Jump Force introduces new characters including Yu-Gi-Oh

As the release “year” gets closer, more and more universes and characters are being introduced with their moves being teased. Today, five characters are introduced, two from existing universes and three characters from two brand new universes. Two characters from an already introduced universe are from HunterXHunter. And the three new characters from the two new universes are from Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu-Gi-Oh universe.

From HunterXHunter we get Killua and Kurapika. Killua who comes from the legendary Zoldyck family of assassins. He wishes to be out of the family trade and live life as a normal kid and hunter and just be friends with Gon. Kurapika is the last surviving person of his clan and became a Blacklist hunter to hunt Light Nostrade for wiping out his clan members.

The first new universe is the Yu-Gi-Oh universe which Bandai just tweeted instead of showing a gameplay. We see Yami Yugi along with three summons the Dark Magician, the Dark Magician Girl, and Slifer (pictured above). Yami Yugi is Pharaoh Atem who has been sealed in the Millenium Puzzle and who helps Yugi Mutou when needed.

The second new universe is the Yu Yu Hakusho universe. We are introduced to Yusuke Urameshi, who is a Spirit Detective tasked with protecting the Human World from supernatural enemies alongside his allies. Next is Younger Toguro, who along with his older brother is the leader of the Apparition Gang and Team Toguro. He also has demon powers that let him gain a massive amount of strength and size.

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