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You’ve heard of Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Melissa McCarthy. But have you heard of Gilda Radner? Chances are you probably haven’t. But know that without Gilda Radner then we wouldn’t have the comedians previously mentioned. This is the kind of life story that Love, Gilda is trying to tell. But does Love, Gilda properly tell the crazy life story of Gilda Radner?

It sure does. Love, Gilda is an informative and eye-opening documentary that showcases the hilarious yet heartbreaking story of Gilda Radner.

Love, Gilda follows the life story of Gilda Radner from her humble beginnings to her untimely death.

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Love, Gilda is a film that’s easy to love because Gilda Radner is so easy to love. Although most of you might not her name now, she’s had a huge influence on many of today’s top comedians. Also, if it wasn’t for Gilda Radner then we wouldn’t have an Amy Poehler or a Tina Fey. The thing that Love, Gilda establishes the most is how funny she really was. Her wacky characters and her offbeat comedy is something that’s rarely seen in female comedians back in the day. When you see her brand of comedy then you immediately think of Mike Myers.

But it’s easy to see why she’s so good. After all, she has worked with some of the biggest legends in comedy and is able to perform at the same level as them. These include John Belushi, Martin Short, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and others.

Unfortunately, as it is the case with most celebrities, a majority of her relationships end up in heartbreak. Love, Gilda takes a long look at her personal life through the people that knew her. Most of it involves her love life. Needless to say, she’s been with a lot of people including a few of the comedians listed above.

However, the documentary turns sweet when it talks about her marriage to Gene Wilder. And Love, Gilda features a lot of personal and sweet home footage of the duo. Obviously, with all the crazy ex-boyfriends that she’s been with, Wilder is the complete opposite of them. Radner in these footages looks like a regular person than a larger than life personality.

Love, Gilda - Gilda Radner & Gene Wilder

As deep and personal as the film gets, there are issues with the editing. In the film, there are segments where celebrities reading excerpts from Radner’s journal. Several times the flow of the documentary is halted because of these scenes. Also, the film runs like a typical documentary. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but there isn’t anything unique about the film. In other words, the film doesn’t mirror the exceptional personality of Gilda Radner.

Overall, Love, Gilda is the kind of informative documentary that’ll open your eyes to new things. That new thing is the comedy of Gilda Radner. If you’ve seen her perform before then you’ll still get to see another side of Gilda Radner—a more in-depth and personal look at Gilda’s life. There’s something for everyone and in the end, you’ll definitely become a fan of her.

Rating: 4/5 atoms

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