Battlefield V Open Beta impressions: What’s all the fuss about?

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The Battlefield V Open Beta just ended a few days ago. There is another article about it too, but I wanted to contribute to the conversation. There have been plenty changes to the Battlefield many know and love, but it has sparked much debate. Some say the game is not the same anymore, while others say it’s more of the same, but better. So which is it? Well, there both right. Let’s start from the top.

UI Changes

There are minor updates from the user interfaced (UI) side. It’s similar to the sleek look of the Battlefront series. Crisp text overlaying battlefield scenes. This is the one thing that will definitely change with the final version. Keeping in mind that there will be campaign, battle royale, and multiplayer modes, I doubt the menu will be so simplistic. I assume it will look more like Battlefield 1. I’ll be surprised if it isn’t.

Some of the features are not working. At times, the perks or upgrades would fail to purchase. This is a beta; that is expected. Compared to the Battlefield 4 beta, this game felt almost like a finished product. The confusing part was how to customize your guns. Unlike previous Battlefields, this one requires the player to go to the main menu to buy or unlock weapon customizations. This was heavily criticized and I hope it changes in the final version. You can still change your weapons while in-game, but the lack of in-game customization was a total oversight.

Gameplay Changes

The changes to gameplay are where most people have made their complaints. In reality, it’s not so different. When a player is downed, they remain in first-person perspective and have a large indicator pop up on the screen. This is where you can choose to hang on for a teammate to revive you or choose to die quickly if no one is close. The only thing that makes this different than other Battlefields is the fact that it doesn’t say “Hold X to Skip”. I actually prefer the new interface. It helps remind the player that reviving is part of the game. This is what makes it such a team-based game. Many people skip the wait and respawn, even when there is a medic on the way.

Another new feature is squad revives. If anyone on your squad is nearby and you are downed, they can now revive you even if they are not a medic class. The process is a bit longer, but I LOVE this new feature. It again encourages squads to play together and build teamwork. Running can also be done while crouching. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been in many shooter games, because it makes sense and adds to the ability to be covert.

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Marking enemies has changed a bit. In previous games when an enemy is marked, it will track their location for a few seconds. This allows the squad to see which direction they are headed as well. In Battlefield V, it will only mark the enemies last known location but won’t continue to track them. This is such a small change, but it does have some effect on gameplay when compared to the other games.

The biggest issue that happened during the beta happened only a few hours into gameplay. I played around with all the classes to see what was new. Eventually, I was unable to choose the medic class anymore. I kept getting the same response, “Deploy Point No Longer Available”. It was as if the location I wanted to deploy from was a teammate that was still under fire. Only this happened no matter where I spawned. This extended for the remainder of the beta. I was so frustrated, mainly because that was the class I wanted to play the most. It wasn’t until my squad started reporting the same issue. Only they had issues with other classes. I’m not sure what caused this to occur, but again, it’s just a beta. I’m confident that will be ironed out.

Squad killstreak rewards are new too. Similar to how Call of Duty rewards high performing players with killstreaks, Battlefield V will accumulate points from all squad members to reward them. Only the squad leader can call in these rewards, but the whole squad can use them once called. I absolutely love this too. Every new element has increased the amount of teamwork that is required to succeed in multiplayer. Some of the beta options for squad killstreaks were calling for additional supplies, requesting a tank, and a missile strike. The missile strike is super satisfying.

Gameplay changes happen in the classes as well. Medics do not carry an infinite amount of medkits. Support can now build sandbag walls. Assault also doesn’t have infinite ammo supplies. There are ammo and medkit stations throughout the map, but I’m confident that you will be able to upgrade those classes to allow for more medkits and ammo packs to spawn with.

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Overall, the gameplay felt very fast paced. Almost as if Call of Duty was a large scale Battlefield game. However, it didn’t play like Call of Duty; it still played like Battlefield. This was the intent of the developers. They said they wanted the battlefield to feel more immersive and cinematic. They brought in the scale a bit so that it looked and played more realistic.

What We Still Don’t Know

We don’t know if the final version will have more guns, attachments, skins, bug fixes, UI or gameplay changes, or many other things. Too many people are judging the beta as if it was the final product. What the campaign will be like? How long will it be? What’s the deal on the new battle royale mode? What other multiplayer modes will be available? There is still so much we just don’t know yet, but I am very much looking forward to seeing what the final version will bring us.

Final Reaction

Battlefield V Open Beta was not only fun to play, but I kept wanting more. The multiplayer is so much more enjoyable when you have a squad and/or people that know how to play as a team. Regardless of the changes they’ve made, Battlefield is growing up. It’s not just another Battlefield. It’s evolving into much more than what it used to be. If you wanted the same old Battlefield game, but in WWII, you will be disappointed

Battlefield V releases on November 15th, 2018 and I am totally ready for it.

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