Ten films worth checking out at LA Film Festival 2018

LA Film Festival 2018 Art

With LA Film Festival starting tomorrow, we’ve put together a list of ten programs that you should check out during the fest. We cover a wide array of subjects and films so feel free to read along and see what you think! So in alphabetical order, let’s take a look at some programming highlights at this year’s LA Film Festival.

Ashes in the Snow
Ashes in the Snow - Bel Powley

Bel Powley
Martin Wallstrom
Lisa Loven-Kongsli
Jonah Hauer-King
Peter Franzen
Sophie Cookson

Marius Markevicius

Ben York Jones

War films have always piqued the interest of the film-going audiences. Whether its the brutality of war or the human spirit of surviving war, it’s always a fascinating subject matter to see onscreen. That’s why Ashes in the Snow is such an intriguing film at this year’s LA Film Festival. Not only is Ashes a period film, but it covers a subject not widely known in America. Although Joseph Stalin is known as the man who helped the Allied Powers in World War II, Stalin instilled a ton of atrocities across the Baltic region. The film sounds as if it’ll be a sad yet inspiring story and that’s alright with us.

Banana Split
Banana Split - Hannah Marks & Liana Liberato

Hannah Marks
Liana Liberato
Dylan Sprouse
Luke Spencer Roberts
Addison Riecke
Jessica Hecht
Jacob Batalon

Benjamin Kasulke

Hannah Marks
Joey Power

You can find friendship in a lot of weird and unexpected places. But what happens when you become close friends with the significant other of your ex? Most people would scoff at the idea but Banana Split embraces the idea of finding friendship in weird places. It’s the kind of feel-good tale that’ll put a smile on your face.

Behind the Curve

Mark Sargent
Patricia Steere
Bob Knodel
Cami Knodel
Jeran Campanella
Nathan Thompson
Chris Pontius
Robbie Davidson
Cpt. Scott Kelly
Dr. R. Per Espen Stoknes
Dr. Joe Pierre
Dr. Spiros Michalakis
Stephen Hagberg
Hannalore Gerling-Dunsmore
Tim Urban

Daniel J. Clark

If you’re reading this article then it’s highly likely that you’re a geek. In other words, you’re in tune with all things geeky including science. So it’s also highly likely that you believe that flat-Earthers are… Well, not smart. However, that’s the point behind the documentary Behind the Curve. The documentary sheds light on the loudest voices of the flat-Earth movement and will reveal to you their side of the argument. So if you’re ready to hear their side of the argument then this documentary is right for you.

Brian Banks
Brian Banks - Aldis Hodge

Tom Shadyac

Brian Banks was a man who had dreams of playing in the NFL. He committed to one of the biggest football programs in the country and was ready to make an impact in the NCAA. Unfortunately, he was falsely accused of rape and sent to prison. Behind this backdrop of sports and social commentary, Brian Banks looks to come out at a time when both subjects are still at the forefront of the news.

El Chicano

Raul Castillo
George Lopez
Aimee Garcia
Marlene Forte
Marco Rodriguez
Jose Pablo Cantillo
David Castaneda
Sal Lopez
Emilio Rivera
Noel G
Yadi Rivera
Julian Bray
Adolpho Alvarez
Logan Arevalo
Robert Garcia “AKA” Mr Criminal
Armida Lopez
Christopher Rosemond

Ben Hernandez Bray

Joe Carnahan
Ben Hernandez Bray

Joe Carnahan has written a lot of action films over the years. The Grey, Smokin’ Aces and Narc are just some of the films he’s written. But El Chicano maybe his most unique one yet. Set in East LA and featuring an all-Latin cast, the film looks to mix the superhero genre with a crime thriller. Since Carnahan has a hand in this film, expect to see a lot of adrenaline-fueled action in this one too.

Funke - Evan Funke

Gabriel Taraboulsy

Foodies should recognize the name, Evan Funke. The prolific chef walked away from his career and restaurant to end up battling some inner demons. But now he wants to make a comeback in the LA scene by reviving the dying art of handmade pasta. In a way, this film does resemble the 2014 cult hit, Chef. However, this documentary aims to take a look at Funke and his struggles of making a comeback. Not to mention, expect to see a lot of delicious food. Be sure to come in with your stomachs full.

Ghost Light

Roger Bart
Tom Riley
Shannyn Sossamon
Danielle Campbell
Carol Kane
Cary Elwes

John Stimpson

Geoffrey Taylor
John Stimpson

When it comes to film festivals, you expect to see a lot of unique and ridiculous films. Ghost Light is one of them. The film features a ridiculous concept about a Shakespearean acting troupe which inexplicably unleashes the curse of Macbeth. It’s a ridiculous concept but it may be so ridiculous that it might actually be fun to watch.

Nomis - Alexandria Daddario

Henry Cavill
Ben Kingsley
Alexandra Daddario
Stanley Tucci
Brendan Fletcher
Minka Kelly
Nathan Fillion

David Raymond

Featuring an all-star cast that includes Henry Cavill, Ben Kingsley, Alexandra Daddario, Stanley Tucci, Minka Kelly, and Nathan Fillion, Nomis looks to close out LA Film Festival with a bang. Its synopsis is vague but the crime thriller concept should be well-executed by this all-star cast.


Eddie Braun
Gary Davis
Conrad E. Palmisano
Buddy Joe Hooker
Scott Truax
Meg Braun

Kurt Mattila

Executive produced by the one-and-only Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stuntman is a documentary that follows a stuntman’s journey to performing one of the most dangerous stunts in history. If you know Evel Knievel then you know of his infamous Snake River Canyon jump. Unfortunately, Knievel didn’t make the jump. But to honor his idol, stuntman Eddie Braun is attempting to try the jump himself. Seeing Stuntman on the big screen is a fantastic way to honor Knievel fans since that’s what Knievel originally wanted. Not to mention, it’s a great way to see this larger than life stunt too.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Taissa Farmiga
Alexandra Daddario
Sebastian Stan
Cripsin Glover

Stacie Passon

Mark Kruger
Shirley Jackson (novel)

Once upon a time, period gothic films were the rage in Hollywood. The look and feel of these films seemingly transport us into this weird and eerie world. That’s why We Have Always Lived in the Castle is a must-see for fans of these type of films. Not only is the film an adaptation of Shirley Jackson’s beloved gothic tale but the film features an all-star cast as well.

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