PDP’s Cloud Remote for PlayStation 4 simplifies your viewing experience

Cloud Remote for PlayStation 4

Streaming services are in, and if you’re watching your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube, then you know that using a DualShock 4 controller isn’t really the best option to navigate a program. Sure, there is the previous Universal Media Remote for the PS4 from PDP, but if you don’t all the extra buttons and want a simplified version with essential media playback and PlayStation 4 buttons, then PDP’s Cloud Remote for PlayStation 4 should be on your radar.

PDP’s Cloud Remote is very simplistic and includes power, input and volume buttons for your TV. And for navigating, there are directional buttons, enter button at the center, and media playback at the bottom. It also includes the PS4 buttons like triangle, square, circle, x, L1, L2, R1, R2, Share, Options, and the PlayStation logo.


The PDP Cloud Remote does not come with batteries, so you’ll need to get two AAA batteries. Once those are inserted, simply head to the PS4’s settings and select Bluetooth Devices under Devices. Once there, click on the PS button to activate the remote. After that’s done, hold the Share button and the PS button at the same time and wait until the red LED starts flashing. As long as the remote is near the PS4, the “PDP Cloud Remote” should show up on the list. Select it and then select “Yes” via your DualShock 4 controller. The red LED will then turn off after 3 seconds. Now put on a party hat because you’re done!

PDP Cloud Remote App

By downloading and setting up the PDP Cloud Remote App, it will allow your Cloud Remote to interact with your TV. I’ve tested this on my Vizio 4K TV, and it’s actually more responsive than Vizio’s own remote control. (It still uses IR sensors.) With the Vizio remote, I had to aim directly at the sensor on the TV within a 30-degree range. And since I mainly use the TV remote to change input and turn on the TV, the PDP Cloud Remote is perfect as my go-to TV remote.

By using the Cloud Remote, you’ll be navigating the menu a lot, and there will be arrows that act as the DualShock 4’s directional pad. The PS4 face buttons (triangle, circle, square and x) are raised to let you know the location of the buttons. However, a gripe I have is that I wish the directional buttons were raised since those are the buttons many people will be using the most. With that said, once I got used to the layout and feeling, I can navigate the PS4 screen without looking at the controller.

Final Reaction

This is a very simplified remote control compared to the previous PS4 Bluetooth universal remote, and it’s pretty much all we need when changing the TV’s input, turning the TV on or off, or using the playback controls. I have read some complaints about the previous PDP universal remote control and how it was unresponsive. Since I haven’t tried that one, I can’t really comment on that. What I can say is that the PS4 Cloud Remote has been very responsive, and it has made my viewing of streaming apps easier.

The Cloud Remote for PlayStation 4 retails for $29.99 and is available at GameStop and Amazon.

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