WWE gives London Spitfire title belt for Overwatch League Championship

triple h overwatch league belt

Triple H may no longer be the cerebral assassin he once was during the heights of the Attitude Era. His transition from The Game to the Executive Vice President of Talent means he spends less time in the ring and more time shaking hands and doing a lot of outreach work with various charitable organizations. One of the many duties as head of talent relations is handing out a custom-made WWE Championship belt to sports teams and athletes that win championships.

Just earlier this year, Triple H had a custom-made belt delivered to the Golden State Warriors for winning the NBA Finals and the Philadelphia Eagles for winning the Superbowl. Today, Triple H announced that he would be delivering a custom-made WWE Belt to the London Spitfire for winning the Overwatch League 2018 Championship.

“After an exceptional resurgence, history was captured at the @OverwatchLeague’s First Finals. Congrats @Spitfire and @Cloud9! @JackEtienne, this custom title is coming to you! #AcesHigh”

This is the first time that the WWE has awarded a belt to an Esports team. We’re not sure if WWE being one of the recent investors in London Spitfire’s parent company Cloud 9 has anything to do with it, but that’s beside the point. It is still very cool to see an esports team get the same recognition as the winners of the World Series and the Superbowl. It’s no secret that esports has become a big business, which is why the Overwatch League just inked a deal for the 2019 Season to be broadcasted on ESPN, Disney and other ABC networks.

Congratulations to the London Spitfire.

Fun fact: The trend for WWE giving custom championship belts out was actually started by The Rock. After winning the 2013 finals, LeBron tweeted out “Who do I need to talk to get one of those World Championship Belt? WWE belt. The real ones.” The Rock responded and personally delivered the belt to James. LeBron would then go on to get belts made for his whole team.

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