Monster Hunter World PC Tech Review

This review covers the technical side of Monster Hunter World. For a review of the game click here.

Monster Hunter World is a spectacle of great gameplay and beautiful world design. It is easily one of the best titles to date and includes enough content to be satisfying. Last month Capcom released the PC version of the title on Steam which led to some small issues. Some of the most reported issues were connectivity to other players and game crashes. While the game released on PS4 and Xbox One, crash issues were near none existent. Addressing these concerns from the community, Capcom quickly got to work to fix these issues, and after a few weeks, the game appears to be working smoothly. Porting games often take time and don’t come without some trouble. In any case, Monster Hunter World for the PC appears to take the game to a new level.

With a major update that adds in a new Monster and the upcoming festival event, we decided to take a closer look at the game from a technical standpoint.

So Crisp, So Clean

I don’t claim to have the world’s strongest rig, but it is capable of running most new titles on the highest settings. Monster Hunter boasts some truly amazing visuals. I was able to get a solid frame rate of 60 FPS on medium and some dips on high. I expected as much given everything that has to be rendered in the game with virtually no loading screens. Every environment renders spectacularly and the colors come across beautifully. The deep greens of the jungle and simmers of sunlight peeking through the trees feel natural and seem to breathe life. The map takes on the feeling of truly traversing all of the game locations and immerse you completely.

Capcom, of course, released a specifications list that helps you pin down the type of experience you can have graphically. My PC cannot even dream of trying to run this on highest without screen tearing and frequent frame drops. The list they’ve put together pretty much perfectly nails what you should expect.

You Hear That?

Monster Hunter World isn’t that huge of a file. Sitting at around 20GB, the game crams a lot into it. The addition of 3D sound is a huge part. Anyone familiar with the PS4’s headset companion app will be familiar with the 3D sound. For certain games, there are specific audio settings that allow for the headsets to produce sounds in a 3D form. This makes it feel more as if you’re directly inside of the game making environments feel alive. Traversing through forests cause grass and leaves to move and crinkle almost all around you heightening immersion. Even the sounds of monsters moving around you or chasing you sound lifelike and heart-pounding.

Many steam users have posted issues with sound not playing through headphones, but after the slew of updates, Capcom has posted it has been fixed.

Hunting Together

Around launch time, playing online felt very much like a gamble on your connectivity. Every 2 out of 5 hunts I tried to play disconnected. Even worse games that didn’t disconnect were laggy.  Capcom has, of course, fixed this as well and games seem to run much smoother now. Latency has improved as well with very rare ping spikes.

Altogether the online functions a lot better and you can expect a satisfying experience.

Final Reaction

The game runs well at this point. Any issues I’ve encountered have been fixed and with the newest hunt, Capcom is making strides in the right direction in the growing PC fanbase.

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