Trapped’s ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ escape room transports you into an Alice in Wonderland world

Trapped - Down the Rabbit Hole 02

Escape rooms are the next level of entertainment. Imagine taking puzzles from video games and putting them in a real-life immersive experience. Poof! You get escape rooms. Okay, it’s more than that, but that’s just the gist of it. And since escape rooms are getting more popular, that means creators are trying their best to stand out from the rest. Take, for example, an escape room from Trapped! that’s inspired by Alice in Wonderland called “Down the Rabbit Hole.”

The story starts with your dog running away and going inside a rabbit hole. You and your team (2-6 participants) fall into a giant hole, only to discover that you’re transported into a fairy tale house. Since it’s based on Alice in Wonderland, you can expect weird instruments, colorful decorations, and zany puzzles.

The props and set are topnotch. Trapped! has done a wonderful job at designing the rooms where you actually feel like you’re inside an animated world. As for the puzzles, they can range from easy to hard, and the clues can be hard, but if you look hard enough, the answer can be found. We were able to escape the room and save our dog, and it’s always a great feeling when you have a happy ending.

“Down the Rabbit Hole” is great for families since it’s aimed towards all audiences. However, the puzzles will require a clever mind, so make sure you have some clever people in your group. And yes, teamwork is always key, since it’s the most important thing in almost all escape rooms. We’ve done around 80 escape rooms, and we’re always surprised at how each escape room is able to deliver something unique. “Down the Rabbit Hole” is definitely recommended if you want to try out an Alice in Wonderland room that’s fun for the whole family and friends.

To book a room, visit the Trapped! website.

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