Get a headstart on your NBA 2K19 career with The Prelude demo

It’s about one more week until the release of NBA 2K19 (September 11th). But if you’re getting itchy to start off your career in the brand new NBA2K game, well here’s your chance. The Prelude to this year’s hottest sports game is here. Launching on all consoles today, players can download a demo for NBA2K19 that will let you play the beginning of your illustrious NBA career.

In the prelude, you start off as an undrafted NBA prospect that has been playing basketball in China for the past year. You don’t understand the language or the culture. The only thing you understand is basketball. You play for the Shanghai Bears, and of course, your goal is to develop yourself as a player, honing your skills so that one day you can make it to the big leagues… The NBA!

This year NBA 2K wanted to develop more of a story mode for players instead of just playing through a season trying to win championships and hall of fame accolades. The prelude is titled “The Way Back,” which will take your player through a journey starting from playing in China, then on to the G-League, and eventually if you’re worthy enough, the NBA. Along the way, you’ll, of course, run into some challenges that will help your character develop and mature into a full-fledged all-star.

NBA 2K19 will also star some familiar faces like Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Infinity War), Aldis Hodge (Underground), Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense, Silicon Valley) and many more.

Get a head start on your NBA2K19 career by downloading the Prelude today!

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