31 Halloween cocktails to get the party started

The Upside Down Halloween Drink Stranger Things

Our friends over at Secret of the Booze put together a “31 Days of Halloween themed cocktails.” These drinks were all inspired by some of the greatest movies, characters and all-around horror movie icons that we all know and love. And we are counting down the 31 drinks in our personal favorite order.

31. A Nice Chianti: A Cocktail Inspired by Hannable

“I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” For Hannibal Lecter, we thought we would try and give him a drink worthy of his liver and fava beans diet. A Nice Chianti combines three flavors apple cider, Chianti and bourbon. It has a strong flavor that one might refer to as an acquired taste. But if you have plans to eat some brains, it goes quite nicely.

30. Camp Crystal Lake: A Cocktail Inspired by “Friday the 13th”

Camp Crystal Lake is a clever drink that remembers the iconic Friday the 13th franchise. More importantly, it highlights the final scene when Jason finally appears and drags the woman under the water with him. The main part of this drink is the blue lake but hidden under its surface is a shot glass that is to symbolize Jason himself. When you pop the shot, the drink becomes very murky as if Jason has just taken another victim to his bottomless grave.  All that was missing would have been some red to show off the blood trail Jason leaves behind.

29. The Bloody Chainsaw: A Cocktail Inspired by “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

Inspired by a Texas Chainsaw Massacre the Bloody Chainsaw incorporates some bacon as if to highlight the faces and bodies he dismembered to make his mask. To showcase the down south aspect of his back store moonshine and apple cider are used in this drink. The flavor is good and the thought that went into this was really cool.

28. “The Mummy”

While this mummy does not feature the great Brendan Fraiser, it does have some really cool dry ice effects and some Hibiscus tea. The tea was used as that is the common drink in Egypt or for most explorers who sit in there study planning the next big adventure. This drink works perfectly for that friend who is trying to pace themselves. It is not super strong but it is very tasty. While the tea goes cold as soon as it meets the dry ice it does have a warming effect similar to a hot toddy.

27. Frankenstein’s Monster

This big tall drink combines so much delicious sweet flavor. While it tastes delicious, this drink contains so much alcohol it will leave you feeling like you were put together in a lab. Combined and mixed in Frankenstein’s lab, it will re-animate dead tissue likely turn you into a monster.

26. Ecto Cooler: A Cocktail Inspired by Ghostbusters

I know what you are thinking. ECTO COOLER, WHY IS IT SO HIGH IN THE LIST?! Well simply put there are other cocktails on this list that are even more original than this bad boy. The Ecto Cooler cocktail though brings us back to our childhood when we used to drink Hi-C Ecto Cooler until our shit turned green, bringing a new name to a “Slimer”. This drink matches the iconic flavor so perfectly it’s scary.

25. Morticia and Gomez: A Cocktail Inspired by Addams Family

They are creepy, they are cooky, and they also happen to be mysterious and spooky. These two cocktails contain really ingeniously recognizable features and taste that will make you instantly think of the two best parents to ever grace the silver screen. From the notes of cigar flavor in the Gomez to the height differential between the two characters.

24. Halloween Coffee: A Cocktail Inspired by Michael Myers

Halloween comes early in this hard pumpkin spice coffee cocktail. While Pumpkin spice is considered the basic of all basic girls this drink is anything but basic. The pumpkin flavor makes you feel like it’s Halloween, and your brother is a serial killer on the loose looking to destroy you.

23. “Pumpkin Juice” Inspired by Harry Potter (non-alcoholic)

While pumpkin juice is most known in the world of Harry Potter, it was still included because you can’t spell Halloween without pumpkin… Well, you can’t. It’s actually impossible to spell it with pumpkin.

22. The Crypt Keeper: A Cocktail Inspired by “Tales From The Crypt”

Come sit down and listen to the ghoulish master of all spooky and creepy tell you a tale of something creepy and great. The Crypt Keeper combines flavors that are great for you and your friends when interested in listening into some ghoulish tales from the crypt keep himself.

21. The Black Hills Legend: A Cocktail Inspired by “Blair Witch Project”

The Black Hills Legend adds some deep wood elements including some rosemary that is ignited for subtle notes of flavor and distinction. Whether you have been trapped in the woods for a few hours or several days, don’t leave home without a canteen filled with The Black Hills Legend. 

20. The T-Virus: A Cocktail Inspired by Resident Evil

No horror list is complete without the inclusion of the iconic series Resident Evil. This cocktail originally designed and created by The Drunken Moogle has been re-created here by Secret of the Booze for there 31 days of Halloween specials.

19. Zombie Brain Hemorrhage (recipe by Spirit Cocktails)

When you talk Resident Evil, you cannot think about blowing a zombie’s head off. Originally designed and created by Spirit Cocktails, Secret of the booze re-creates this shooter that is creepy and gross looking but delicious all the way down. Just don’t drink too many else you might be throwing up your own brains.

18. Silver Bullet Shooter: A Cocktail Inspired by “Wolfman”

The iconic Wolfman would be stopped dead in his tracks with the silver bullet shot. This shimmery and shiny shot is strong but we cannot guarantee it will not transform you over time.

17. The Time Warp: A Cocktail Inspired by “Rocky Horror”

This Rocky Horror drink might have you jumping up to dance the time warp again. This delicious cocktail contains no Franken-weiners, but it does have the iconic lips gracing the top of the glass.

16. The 3 Sisters Witch’s Brew: A Cocktail Inspired by “Hocus Pocus”

I put a spell on you and now you’re mine. Hocus Pocus was a classic movie featuring the Sanderson sisters and their quest to once again rule the world. While they might not have met their goal, every Halloween we pour ourselves this cocktail in hopes to one day be their virgin sacrifice. If only we were still all virgins…

15. Do You Want To Play A Game? A Cocktail Inspired by “Saw”

Do you want to play a game? You have a drink in front of you. It contains dairy and your lactose intolerant, but if you don’t drink it, something bad will happen. If you do drink it… something bad will also happen in your stomach… you know what 😉 This drink is honestly delicious. It tastes exactly like black raspberry ice cream.

14. The Headless Horseman: A Cocktail Inspired by “Sleepy Hollow”

Ichabod Crane was always searching for the Headless Horseman. All this time he was hiding away in your liquor cabinets. You can drink the cocktail separately or together. It is tasty and extremely strong. The features have a chocolatey taste and include a shot flavored with pumpkin and ignited with fire to really solidify the character’s essence.

13. The Nightmare Shot: A Cocktail Inspired by Freddy Krueger

“One two… Freddy’s coming for you… 3, 4 better lock your door…5, 6 grab a crucifix… 7, 8 gonna stay up late… 9, 10, never sleep again!” The Freddy Krueger shot combines the iconic colors of Freddy’s ugly Christmas sweater with a shot that will give you nightmares. The shot is with fire as a reminder of the horrific fate that Freddy suffered, transforming him from a nightmare in the real world to the nightmare of our dreams.

12. Slayer’s Blood: A Cocktail Inspired by “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

You can’t have Halloween without the slayer herself. In this featured cocktail created by Secret of the Booze, we get to taste the iconic character. And let me tell you something, she is sweet as hell. This drink cleverly dubbed Slayers Blood is garnished with dripped candy to make it look like the drink actually is dripping blood. Do be careful because the slayer slays.

11. Jack and Sally: Nightmare Before Christmas

This is Halloween. These two pumpkin-flavored shots scream fall. The Jack is a rich flavored shot while Sally has a little bit more of a sweet flavor. Both shots should be eaten with a spoon if chilled as they will re-harden. If you drink it immediately, you can shoot these back with ease. Just beware because once you start to drink these tasty drinks you might start to see Oogie Boogie himself.

10. Red Rum: A Cocktail Inspired by “The Shining”

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Give Jack a few of these and he will be far from dull. Instead, he will be very very drunk. The Red Rum is a boozy drink that will kick you in the teeth if you are not careful. It might even chop down your door and attack. Combining Dark Rum and Jack Honey, this drink really is something that will make you scream for more.

9. Mistress of Darkness: A Cocktail Inspired by Elvira

The iconic voluptuous Mistress of Darkness comes to life in this tasty purple shot. The flavors incorporated seem like they would not work, but they surprisingly do. The drink’s bubbling and smokey look gives it a nice level of creepy while it is garnished with two cherries. The cherries were used to symbolize the to orbs that the mistress herself is known for… her cleavage and its purple color fit perfectly with her overall look and feel.

8. The Midnight Society: A Cocktail Inspired by Are You Afraid of the Dark

Are You Afraid of the Dark created fear in each and everyone of us. We all have that episode that we can recall that scared us forever. In this cocktail Secret of the Booze brings the flair of the show into this clever drink. The taste is that of a smokey apple cider and screams perfect for fall. It’s topped with moonshine and then ignited. But before you drink, throw a splash of cinnamon on top of it to cause the flame to glow. This burst of light was also used to start every show as the Midnight Society would sit around the campfire to tell their latest tale of terror.

7. The Bates Special: A Cocktail Inspired by Psycho

The Bates Special is a milky drink that mother would approve. This twist on the modern classic mother’s milk will send chills down your spine. The look and feel of this drink is perfect for this iconic character. We all remember him as the serial killer next door as he just looked like a simple pushover, but as we all remember, he was anything but. This drink hits on those notes in every way shape and form. The flavor is delicious and unassuming, but if you are not careful, you too might end up suffering a horrific demise.

6. We All Drink Down Here: A Cocktail Inspired by Pennywise (IT)

WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE! WE ALL FLOAT DOWN HERE! This drink is really cool to watch get made as Pennywise himself comes to the table to make it. The entire filming of this video was done from down here. Featuring amusement park flavors, this sweet cocktail will make you not fear the clown. Instead it will make you **** him up. It is garnished with Cotton Candy and a cherry on a straw to symbolize IT’s iconic red balloon.

5. Pink F***: A Cocktail Inspired by Ash VS Evil Dead

Take me down to Jacksonville where the grass is a yellowish gray and the girls are meh. Pink ****, which was introduced in an episode of Ash vs The Evil Dead, has been recreated here, only the boys of Secret of the Booze removed the ketamine. I mean seeing as they are making liquor, others might try someone might not realize that ketamine is horse tranquilizer. So while it will be missed from the drink, it is very cool to see Ash Williams serve up this drink for us.

4. The Upside-Down: A Cocktail Inspired by “Stranger Things”

This Stranger Things inspired drink is REALLY REALLY good. The group over at Secret of the Booze used a shot glass called the SnapShot. This glass allows you to separate your main drink from your chaser. Or in this case the real world from the upside down. When you open the shot, the two worlds start to work there way into one another. As you drink this tasty bad boy down, just know you might get a nosebleed and potentially see the Demogorgan.

3. The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a BRILLIANTLY thought out and elaborate Halloween-inspired drink. The drink looks like the green vomit from the film, but the taste completely catches you off guard. The flavor is nearly identical to key lime pie. And while most see egg white in a drink and cringe, we see it and drool because it adds such an amazingly creamy and smooth flavor you would not get from any other ingredient.

2. Dracula’s Blood

Dracula’s Blood. The perfect Halloween-themed cocktail. Each day we are creating a new drink for 31 days of Halloween inspired by iconic characters that go bump in the night. For the wine and bourbon drinker in us all, this drink is smooth and delicious. Reminds us very much of a spiced wine in flavor.

1. Drinks for the Recently Deceased: Cocktails Inspired by Beetlejuice and Lydia

These Beetlejuice-inspired cocktails feature the colors of Lydia’s dress and Beetlejuice’s iconic suit. The drink is poured by the ghost with the most himself. The Lydia half is a smooth refreshing cocktail that both boys and girls would like. The Beetlejuice half on the other hand is a little tougher to drink as it contains sambucca, but it holds a soft spot in our hearts and goes down smooth.

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