PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold free games for September 2018

playstation plus destiny 2 god of war 3 free games september 2018

It’s time for the reveal of the free games for subscribers to PlayStation Plus and/or Xbox Live Gold. And so far it’s looking like PlayStation Plus subscribers are going to be getting the better deal for the month of September with Destiny 2 and God of War III Remastered.

In Sony‘s corner, we have a triple-A game from Bungie and Activision with Destiny 2. To make things sweeter, it’s now available to download to coincide with the 24-hour free trial of Gambit, a new PVE/PVP mode from Destiny 2: Forsaken, starting on September 1 at 10 am PST.

With God of War being recently released for the PlayStation 4, it’s time to go into the past with God of War III Remastered. Kill the gods as Kratos starting on September 4th. In addition, the PlayStation 3 will get Another World – 20th Anniversary and QUBE Director’s Cut. The PlayStation Vita will be getting Sparkle 2 and Foul Play.

Of course, Sony will be showing some love to the PlayStation VR since Here They Lie will be available until October 2nd. And there’s always the free PlayLink games, and this time it is Knowledge is Power. (This one will be available until November 6th. Also, does anybody play these PlayLink titles?)

And the moment you all have been waiting for – the reveal of Prison Architect: Xbox One Edition being free for Xbox Live Gold in the first half of September. Okay, even though I’m being sarcastic, the game has received positive reviews from fans and critics. It’s a top-down game where you build and manage a prison with designs of the prisoners being made up of simple shapes. Starting from September 16 to October 15, Livelock will be available for free.

As for the free Xbox 360 games, we’ll be getting LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars from September 1-15. Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World will be free from September 16-30.

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