Sennheiser releases horror short, Final Stop, recorded with 3D audio

If you ask any filmmaker today, it’s a guarantee that most will tell you that audio is as equally important as the visuals. But as cameras and lenses begin to evolve and upgrade, changing the way filmmakers tell a story, what about audio? Leading audio manufacturer Sennheiser is looking to change the perspective on how filmmakers and vloggers record audio with their Ambeo Smart Headset.

Recently Sennheiser released a short film called ‘Final Stop,’ a captivating thriller film that utilizes 3D audio. Sennheiser teamed up with American filmmaker Roxanne Benjamin to create the cinematic short with the sole intention to engage and grasp viewers by mainly using sound. Roxanne Benjamin made Final Stop mostly without dialogue because she wanted to create a realistic and thrilling atmosphere where even the smallest sounds can be heard.

Final Stop was filmed with a smartphone and the audio mostly captured with the Ambeo Smart Headset. The headset which was developed with A/D conversion specialist Apogee makes 3D audio recordings a reality. Built with microphones in each earpiece, Roxanne was able to record true-to-nature ambient sounds that give the audio a sense of realism that gives a new sense of emotion to the short film.

When you typically watch a film, whether it’s a short or feature length, a majority of the time you’re paying attention to the image that is in front of you. Looking for all the small details and intricacies that the filmmaker has displayed before you. What Final Stop does is reduce the visual aspect and makes the viewers really pay attention to the audio. As you make your way through Final Stop, following the main character on her harrowing journey of fear. You can hear the audio move through your headphones, which opens the viewer up to their own sense of tension and uneasiness.

The concept of 3D audio is not new, but the applications for it is. I’ve only seen 3D audio used to record concerts, shows, and once in an escape room. But this was the first time I’ve heard it used in a filmmaking platform. And I think that using it for the horror/thriller genre is very fitting for 3D audio. As a horror fan myself, there can only be so much that can be done visually that can try to scare a viewer. The sudden jump scare or loud noise is starting to get predictable in the horror films, so if filmmakers can start adopting 3D audio to their storytelling, it will open up a new level of creativity for them in which I think viewers will really enjoy.

You can watch the short FINAL STOP below

The Ambeo Smart Headset is available now and retails for $299.95.

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