Ghostbusters World mobile game will redefine the AR genre

The city that you are walking through is boring. That building is boring and this street is boring, as well. Why not spice it up with a few ghosts? Armed with your proton pack and ghost trap, we can make this walk through town much more exciting. Ghostbusters World is a mobile game that will get you out of the house and hunting all the lurking ghosts haunting your town.

During¬†this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Nerd Reactor got the chance to take a fully costumed photo-op next to the Ghostmobile, then also trap a few ghosts including the ever so elusive Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Our lonely parking lot turned into a ghost haven when looking through the phone app. Unlike other capture games, Ghostbusters World uses a variety of weaponry to catch your desired ghosts. The whole genre becomes anew when players turn the blasters on each other into PVP battle which is planned later on after the initial release.

Nerd Reactor found Ghostbusters World to be filled with vibrant visuals and fun gameplay. Everything just got larger than life when we pointed our phones up at the life-sized Stay Puft Marshmallow Man standing atop Petco Park’s Lexus Premier Lot. Armed with our mobile phones, three of us pointed our proton guns up at the AR Marshmallow Man. Crossing proton streams did not seem to cause the same mayhem as in the movies, but it was surely an afterthought during our long battle. Other players wandering in the area would be able to join our battle, but that’s something to talk about when everyone has this free to download game downloaded onto their phones. Developers tell us that in-game purchases would not be necessary to enjoy the full extent of the game.

It’s really easy to see Ghostbusters World as another Pokemon Go clone, but if you love the Ghostbusters franchise, then this is a can’t-miss game. Frankly put, Pokemon Go started the trend, but Ghostbusters World will continue it. ’80s kids unite.

The planned worldwide release date is in Fall 2018, and if you “ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” visit the Ghostbusters World website daily for the latest news.

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