Fans upset about Soulcalibur VI DLC character reveal before game’s release

soulcalibur vi tira dlc character

Capcom got some flak when it released different versions of Street Fighter IV, splitting its online fighting community. However, it rectified its mistake with Street Fighter V since that’s the only copy one would need to fight with other SFV players. Well, a move by Bandai Namco has many in the fighting game community very upset. During Gamescom, the game company revealed that Tira is going to be a DLC character for Soulcalibur VI. The angry fans are upset since the game hasn’t been released yet, and they’re even madder since the full roster for the base game hasn’t been released yet.

Check out the Tira character reveal trailer below.

Here are some examples of fans sharing their displeasure:

“Annnnnd here is a perfect example of what I absolutely hate about this new generation of gaming.”

“Excuse me? DLC of a classic character when the game hasn’t even been released? I know it’s already fully developed but come on.”

“Why is she DLC though, that´s bull****. Just include her in the game. Typical.”

“Seriously? The game is 2 months away and you already show off DLC characters? And TIRA, a character that was always in the base roster is suddenly DLC? WTF.
A good way to deflate hype for your game, is by announcing downloadable content before a game is released, good job team soul!”

Well, there is at least some good news during Gamescom. The game will have two story modes. Chronicle of Souls mode will follow the Soulcalibur VI characters, and Libra of Soul will follow the player’s custom character in a quest to stop the antagonist from gathering the Soul Edge shards. Of course, the custom character will encounter characters from the main storyline and ones created by other players.

The character creation will be robust, including choosing from 16 races, changing the size, facial features, hairstyle, clothes, armor, weapons and fighting style.

As for Tira, she’ll be available via the Soulcalibur VI Season Pass or as a stand-alone DLC character.

Tira, an expert wielder of her Ring Blade named Eiserne Drossel, fights using her own Dance of Death style. Trained by the mysterious Birds of Passage group of assassins, Tira abandoned the group after its leader went mad. Alone and angry, Tira, travels across the world, slaughtering anyone who gets in her way – taking great pleasure in the trail of blood in her wake.

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