Challenge yourself to see Los Angeles with the Fantastic Race

Regardless if you’re a native to Los Angeles or a tourist passing by, there’s a lot of things to see in Los Angeles. From the star-studded Hollywood Walk of fame to the coastal beauties of our numerous beaches, you can see Los Angeles most famous landmarks by either jumping on a guided tour or just by simply googling where LA’s most coveted landmarks are. One company is changing the way you sightsee LA, by providing a game that is not only challenging but also lets you see everything LA has to offer.

The creators of the escape rooms ‘The Virus’ and ‘The Experiment’ bring us the Fantastic Race, a game that challenges your wits and knowledge all while taking you through some LA’s most historic landmarks. Fantastic Race invited us to give their game a try and of course, we couldn’t say no. We’re big fans of their escape rooms, so we knew that we were up for a serious treat.

Our game took place on a Saturday, a few hours before noon. We met in a picnic area just outside of the Hollywood Bowl, where we were given our rules and guidelines for the game. This was also our chance to meet the team that we would be competing against for the day. Our team consisted of only two people and the team we were going up against had six. Even though the odds were stacked against us. We felt that our smaller group could move faster than the other team. When the game began, our first objective was to find a puzzle that was hidden amongst the picnic area. When we found our puzzle, we quickly deciphered it, which tells us where the next location we would need to go was.

The first puzzle we solved was moderately easy, which made us think that the rest of the puzzles we came across would be somewhat the same, but we were proven wrong. When we arrived at our second location, we were lost as to what we needed to do. We were killing time trying to figure out what our next step was. For the life of us, we couldn’t figure out what we needed to do. We scoured the place looking for clues, but we had no idea on what to look for. Luckily the Fantastic Race provides you with a phone number to call just in case you’re lost as to what your objective is. It’s a lifeline in which you’re given a hint to help you potentially move forward, but it does come at a cost, as 15 minutes is added to your final time.

Once we received our second puzzle, it was time for us to do a little scavenger hunting to solve it. The puzzle itself is fairly simple, but when you’re surrounded by numerous tourists all looking at the same thing you’re looking at it. It started to get difficult, and what we thought we can accomplish in about ten minutes ended up almost taking us thirty minutes to complete. What made things even worse was the team we thought we had a good lead on, suddenly was catching up to us very quickly.

This is what our entire day consisted of. Traveling from one location to the next looking for clues and solving puzzles, but what Fantastic Race does great is that they leave you completely in the dark as to what you’re looking for. At every location we arrived, what we needed to do to obtain our next puzzle was different. In one place, we might need to look at a certain sign or open up a lockbox, or maybe even interact with people. This really gives you the chance to really look and admire the landmark that you’re in. Giving you the chance to really soak in the Los Angeles history and culture.

It took our team almost three and a half hours to complete all the tasks and cross the finish line, and every time we looked back, the other team was right behind us. Our team was first to cross the finish line and as we waited for the other team to finish, in the back of our minds we kept thinking whether they had to call in as many hints as we did. In the Fantastic Race, just because you crossed the finish line first, doesn’t necessarily mean you win first place. It all comes down to the team’s final time, and as we sat there waiting to raise our hands in victory, it turns out that we lost by a mere five minutes to the other team.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for almost ten years now, and I can say that there are places I haven’t visited or even seen. When it comes to Los Angeles, people tend to visit the most famous landmarks. The Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Venice Beach, The Walt Disney Concert Hall, and the Hollywood sign are just some of the landmarks that are flooded with tourists. The Fantastic Race lets its players see the smaller, unknown landmarks that are often overlooked but are very important to the history of Los Angeles. Without those landmarks, Los Angeles wouldn’t be what it is today, and getting a chance to finally see them for myself makes me appreciate more the city that I call home.

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