Ashley Clements’ sci-fi series, SONA, coming next week to Legendary’s Alpha

SONA is an upcoming sci-fi series from creator Ashley Clements (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries), who will also be starring as Lieutenant Belyn Sona. The scripted drama is set in the future and follows a United Earth Space Corps officer who has an alien husband. The problem is that Earth doesn’t want aliens around anymore. The series is acquired by Geek & Sundry, and it will be airing on Alpha, Legendary’s streaming service, next week.

Check out the trailer below:

Synopsis: SONA’s eponymous protagonist is Lieutenant Belyn Sona, a United Earth Space Corps officer in a future in which aliens are no longer welcome on Earth, including her husband. The story finds our heroine trapped in a malfunctioning escape pod, uncovering through flashback the events and decisions that led to her isolation. This survival tale features a dramatic tour de force as we examine her psychological struggle against themes of mental health, immigration and betrayal.

The series started out as an indie project where the team turned to Kickstarter to help with the rest of the funds. The space shuttle set was handcrafted by Clements with help from director and co-star Brendan Bradley in her one-bedroom apartment. The crowdfunding project reached its goal in less than 4 hours, and it helped the duo with visual effects, sound design and original music.

“The experience of SONA, both in the show and behind the scenes, is about feeling trapped by yourself and your circumstances. Being an actor means a lot of waiting for other people to give you permission to do what you love, so we decided to give ourselves permission,” says Ashley Clements. “This series is a testament for anyone facing limitations, creative or otherwise – make something that matters to you, and it will speak to others. You don¹t have to wait for someone else to tell your story.”

SONA contains eight episodes and will air August 22 on Alpha.

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