Fear the Walking Dead cast on fear of getting to know each other

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead had a big presence at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 including a press conference. The talent included showrunner Andrew Chambliss, writer Ian Goldberg, AMC’s chief content officer Scott Gimple, and cast members such as Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, Lennie James, Maggie Grace, Garret Dillahunt, and Jenna Elfman.

One of the first questions was asking, “What was it like to join the show as a newcomer?”

“Like moving into a new neighborhood. It was so warm and friendly when they went out of their way for us. And I will say a little shocking when we lost cast members very soon thereafter. I had no idea. But yeah it couldn’t have been greater for the cast and crew welcoming us, including the fans too.” – Maggie Grace

“Yeah, it was great. It’s not the first show I’ve joined mid-process. It’s the best introduction I’ve ever had, and I’m having a blast.” – Garrett Dillahunt

“I’m honored that I was given this opportunity. It’s been a big learning curve for me, just in the mythology, and learning it and understanding it. It was really important to me to make sure I understood it. Just artistically it’s been really stimulating and a really great adventure. I am really excited for everyone to see the second half.” – Jenna Elfman

What is the theme of this coming season?

“I think there’s a few. We talked at the panel a bit about the end of the first half of the season with these characters sitting around a campfire brought together by circumstances they couldn’t imagine and could not have done without helping each other. So, there’s a lot to resolve, both within themselves, within the group, questions of who are they to each other, who will they be going forward, how will they carry on Madison’s legacy of hope, how will they bring light into this dark world. And I think redemption is a really big theme in the back half. It’s about making up for the things you’ve done, and how do I go about doing that?” – Ian Goldberg

How has Alicia changed on the show?

“It’s a been a really exciting journey for me because this character has had one of the major developments out of any character on this show. We’ve seen her go from a regular teenage girl to a fearless warrior in the apocalypse and someone who’s been destroyed by it and lost everyone she knows. All our characters have become orphans of the apocalypse. Everyone has lost everyone in their life, their family and what’s unique with Alicia is that we have seen her from the beginning of the journey right to the end. If you thread it all together in, you know, one journey, it’s quite remarkable how much she’s changed. This season’s been really, really hard. I lost all the Clarks. I’m the only one left and that was hard and it’s been really hard for myself. What’s great though is that we now get to see Alicia now purely as her own character completely. She no longer has ties to her mother and her brother. It’s just about her as a woman now.” – Alycia Debnam-Carey

Was there a competition for Lennie with TWD?

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. Let’s make it better than another one. Let’s man up and let’s get people together and go over to Atlanta. My kind of thing I try and do my best, wherever I am, and tell the story in the best way that we think it should be told. I don’t think there’d be any point in the crossover or all of the circumstance of it if it wasn’t adding something or continuing the great work that was being done before – if it wasn’t broadening the storytelling. If it was just a gimmick, I’m not interested in a gimmick. I think it’s going to be something that works for me and everybody else involved in it. That was the things that most interested me and most concerned me. I’m very protective and take a real responsibility for Morgan as a character, and if it didn’t continue to tell his story in the way that I wanted to tell his story, then I wouldn’t want to pursue. But if we end up kicking the other guys’ ass, that’s a bonus.” – Lennie James

Is Garret Dillahunt at all like his John Dorie character?

“It’s been a blast. I can’t say I wasn’t a little nervous about it. You know a guy walking around modern day with two guns on hips and a cowboy hat, but they did it really well. I sure loved that first episode. I don’t think I’ve ever had, in a long and busy career, such a great introduction to a series or a universe. I’m really happy; it’s a lot of fun.” – Garrett Dillahunt

Does that rule out any further crossovers?

“It does not. That’s about all I got to say. It does not but I wouldn’t expect it all the time. Things could happen. You never know who might pop up on Fear the Walking Dead. That includes The Walking Dead and potentially people in the past from Fear the Walking Dead.” – Scott Gimple

Is there any fear of getting to know fellow cast members?

“I don’t think so. I don’t know if a person is going to last and don’t know if they’re a regular. I am just assuming that the people with us now will be around. I just go into it full-hearted and try to create new traditions with them, even if it is just for 1 episode.” – Colman Domingo

“Yeah, you can’t be half-hearted about it to do it well. If you want to do it well, it bleeds so much into our daily life since we are around each other 24/7. Basically, we spend some time, even more time with them than with our family. We can’t go into it half-hearted because we live, breath, and exist with these people. Whether they are there for a moment or season, they become family.” – Alycia Debnam-Carey

“We spend like 14 hours a day with each other, then we are like, ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’ We still hang out with each other.” – Colman Domingo

“You have to be so present with everyone. Even if it’s just a day, you have to give them everything and give them their absolute best, because whatever it is, I always got you. Whatever is going to happen in your relationship, you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. It’s one of those things and it’s beautiful.” -Danay Garcia

You can catch the return of Fear the Walking Dead season 4 part 2 on Sunday, August 12, 2018, on AMC.

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