Sennheiser GSP500 Gaming Headset review

Often when you hear the name Sennheiser, you’ll immediately recognize that they’re known for creating high-quality audio products and equipment that a lot of professionals trust. But the gaming industry was something that they’ve never really tapped into. That is until now with the release of their brand new headset specifically engineered for gaming, the Sennheiser GSP500.

At first look, the GSP500 looks something that’s straight out of a science fiction movie. It looks big and clunky compared to other headsets that have a streamlined and minimalistic look. Despite the size, the GSP500 is still a well built and rugged headset. Constructed from durable plastic, the GSP500 is flexible yet tough. The all-black color with the red and silver accents gives the headset an elegant finish while still maintaining a futuristic vibe.

When it comes to comfort, the headset does not disappoint. On the earcups, I noticed that the design resembles the shape of an ear. Which provides a more comfortable feel when you’re wearing the headset. You’ll also find two metal hinges on the earcups that allow for a proper fit. The foam that surrounds the ear cups and headband feels like the standard foam that you’ll find on most headsets. Each is wrapped in breathable fabric for added airflow during those long gaming hours.

The one thing that really stood out for me when it came to the design was the tension control at the top of the headset. This tension control allowed me to adjust the headband to a point where I felt that it was the most comfortable without feeling like it was squeezing on my head. It really let me maximize my comfort for those times I would game for long stretches. On the left earcup, you’ll find the microphone that can be flipped up to mute the mic. On the right earcup, you’ll find a volume knob that I must say is perfectly discreet.

With the name like Sennheiser, you already know that the audio performance would be nothing short of stellar, and the GSP500 held up that standard for the most part. The GSP500 is what Sennheiser calls an “open-back acoustic gaming headset.” This gives the headset an incredible natural and spatial sound making everything sound nice and even. It has an extended bass response that’s balanced with other frequencies to allow the gamer an immersed feeling with the audio detail and dynamics of the game.

When using the headset, everything sounded great. The audio was nice and even, and the lows had that punch to them that everyone enjoys. While playing games like Overwatch, I was able to really hear the different dynamics of the games audio effects. Even at the highest volume, everything came in still evenly balanced. One downfall that I felt while using the headset was when I had an in-game chat going on. At that point, I felt the headset lost some quality in the game’s audio making it difficult to hear when I was trying to chat with my fellow gamers. Even with some audio adjustments to my PS4, the headset still didn’t balance out the game audio and my chat audio.

I’ll admit that the microphone on the GSP500 is hands down the best looking microphone on any headset I’ve ever used, and its sound quality is phenomenal. The microphone is built with broadcast quality standards with advanced noise-canceling, which made we sound crystal clear. The microphone is bendable so I was able to adjust it in a way that I felt would maximize my voice. The headset comes with several 3.5mm cables that are exchangeable. Giving you the freedom to use the headset on multiple platforms.

Final Reaction

For its foray into gaming headsets, Sennheiser has undeniably created a premium headset that rivals those of well-known gaming brands. Though it doesn’t have the same loudness that my other headsets have, the GSP500 is still an embodiment of elegance and great sound engineering that truly shows why Sennheiser has been a trusted name all these years.

The GSP500 retails for $229.25

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

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