Monster Superstar S100 Review

Monster has always been known as the company that provided some of the best audio and video cables you can buy. But over the last few years, they started producing headphones and speakers. But can a company that’s known for superior audio cables translate that into quality audio products?

Monster has a line of portable speakers, known as their “Superstar Series.” The smallest and most affordable of the line is the S100, a wireless speaker that literally fits in the palm of your hand that packs a serious punch.  The S100 measures just around 2.5” inches on all sides which makes it extremely portable and easy to carry. When holding the S100 in your hands you can feel that it’s built extremely durable. The materials the S100 is made from that gives it that durability does add some weight to the small speaker, but that weight won’t be cumbersome if you’re holding it in your hands for a long period of time. The speaker is rated IPX7 which makes it water, weather, and splash proof.

You won’t find any controls on this tiny speaker. On one side you’ll find a multi-functional button. This button will allow you to power on your device, pair your device with your device of choice, play and pause your music, and answer or end phone calls. There are no other buttons on the speaker that will let you skip tracks or adjust the volume. All of that will be controlled by the device you are connected to. On the other side, under a rubber gasket, you’ll find a micro USB port to charge the speaker as well as an audio output. The battery life on the speaker is decent. I found that on a full charge I got roughly 6 to 8 hours of continuous playback.

For the size of the S100, Monster has found a way to pack amazing sound in such a small form factor. In my personal experience speakers typically this small in size lacks the audio quality that you’re looking for. But the S100 at high volumes can really fill a room. Monster has equipped the S100 with a full range driver and bass radiator that gives you a balanced sound. At low and medium levels, the music I was listening to sounded even, and the bass had a pretty decent punch to it. At the highest volume, I didn’t notice any real distortion. The lows still came in with a really nice punch, and the highs weren’t obnoxiously ear-piercing.

The S100 is a well-rounded speaker that you can take with you pretty much anywhere you go. It’s perfect for those days you want to hang out at a park or entertain a party at your place without disturbing the neighbors. Currently priced at $60, the Monster Superstar S100 will give you high-quality overall sound that won’t break the bank.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

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