Watch the first episode of Omen by HP’s Good Game, Well Played

Omen by HP is ramping up the way gamers and non-gamers look at the world of esports by premiering the first episode of their brand new series, ‘Good Game, Well Played.’ A show that’s dedicated entirely to giving us an in-depth look at esports top athletes.

The first episode follows current CLG team member, Vincent “Biofrost” Wang. In the first part of the episode, Vincent sits down with esports commentator Travis Gafford as the talk about Vincent’s upbringing. Born in China, Vincent immigrated to Toronto, Canada, at the age of three, where he primarily stayed with what he called “Home-Stay” families. Before playing League of Legends, Vincent had played other MOBA games including DOTA and Heroes of Newerth. Vincent dived into League after seeing several of his friends playing it, and he didn’t want to feel left out. Like most gamers, Vincent stated that he was terrible at League of Legends when he first played, but continuing to play and practice has led him to be one of the best support players in the game today.

League of Legends is not an easy game to master. During matches, there’s a lot of things that players have to pay attention to as well as do. What Omen’s new show allows us to see is how players like Vincent breakdown a match. Sitting down with Amina Issa, Vincent recaps one of his competitive matches and gives us a thorough play by play into what and why of his thinking process. Vincent is a support player, and he knows it’s his job to keep his team alive and fighting. But players like Vincent know that it’s not just about keeping his fellow teammates in the game. As the main shot-caller for team CLG, Vincent has to make plays and lead his team to victory. Not only does he have to think about what his team is doing and what he needs to do, but he also needs to think about the enemy team and what they might be trying to pull off.

Every gamer isn’t perfect, and by admitting that they have flaws is what differentiates them from casual gamers. For Vincent, we get to see where he feels his strengths and weaknesses lie, and how he approaches to fix them. We also get to see how Vincent amps himself up for a competitive match. Now he’s not one with a lot of pre-game rituals. We see that he’s a pretty simple man, and uses a very basic inner monologue to get him prepared for a League of Legends match.

Playing video games is easily dismissable by people who don’t understand the joy we get playing them. After watching the first episode of Good Game, Well Played, you can gain a new sense of respect for professional competitive gamers. You can see that being an esports athlete is not necessarily an easy thing, and just because a gamer plays hours upon hours of a video game doesn’t really equate to being a “pro.” What separates players like Vincent from the rest of us is his uncanny ability to think steps ahead during a competitive match all while focusing on what’s currently going on in the game.

Watch the first episode of Good Game, Well Played Below:

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