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Dragon Ball fans, the wait is almost over as one of the most anticipated sneaker collaborations is about to hit the stores. Earlier this year it was revealed that Adidas would be teaming up with the Dragon Ball Z universe to bring us a line of shoes that are inspired by some of the fans favorite characters. Goku, Frieza, Gohan, Vegeta, and Cell were just some of the characters that would be getting their own shoe.

For the last few months, fans were previewed sample images of what the shoes might look like when they are officially released. Now via, we get our first real look of the first two shoes that will be released sometime in August. The first two Dragon Ball Z-inspired Adidas will be Goku and Frieza, the two characters who are the pinnacles of good and evil.


The Goku shoe will be Adidas ZX500 RM which will have a blue and orange colorway, which fans all know is the colors of Goku’s famous outfit. The three stripes and the tongue of the shoe have a distressed look to them, which can be reminiscent of Goku’s numerous battles. On the inner part of the shoe, you’ll find a nice and cute homage to Goku’s flying nimbus. Inside you’ll see a custom Adidas DBZ insole and on the back, you’ll find Goku’s kanji

The Frieza shoe will be modeled on the Adidas Yung-1. The shoe will be dressed in leather, suede, and corduroy materials that make up the purple and white colorway, which all DBZ fans know was Frieza’s final form. Inside the shoe, you’ll also find the custom Adidas DBZ insole. The Adidas Yung-1 is a fitting shoe for Frieza as the shoe carries a series of wavy lines that can be a representation of Frieza’s tail.


No official release date or price has been mentioned for both these shoes, but for true DBZ fans, these shoes are a perfect depiction of Dragon Ball fans undying love for the series. For some this was the show they grew up with, watching Goku grow up from the naive and friendly child to become one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. As a fan of both Adidas and Dragon Ball, I find this collaboration as the perfect marriage between two cultural icons and I can’t wait to see what Adidas has in store for the other shoes to come out.


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