Star Trek Discovery season 2 will answer all your canon questions

Last season of Star Trek: Discovery left many of the characters on their own adventures.

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) has been reinstated as a Starfleet Officer onboard the Discovery alongside her crew, acting Captain Saru (Doug Jones), Ensign Tilly (Mary Wiseman), and Lt. Stamets (Anthony Rapp). Lt. Tyler (Shazad Latiff) is off with L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) to help build the new Klingon Empire with her as the leader. Mirror Universe Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) has joined the mysterious Starfleet operation, Section 31. So, the main question is when are they all going to intersect again?

Executive producer Alex Kurtzman said during the San Diego Comic-Con press conference, “The best answer is that they are going to interweave.”

Kurtzman further explains that we know each character well from the first season and they each will have their own stories on and off the Discovery. He’s most interested in seeing how the audience reacts to Tyler, who is now with L’Rell on Klingon territory. “How is he going to live between those two worlds?” Kurtzman commented.

Of course, the main question for many Star Trek fans – what about canon?!

According to Kurtzman, it will ALL be revealed this season.

“We are constantly challenging ourselves in the writers’ room on how we can push against the edges of canon without breaking it,” said Kurtzman. “We will be syncing up with canon and answering all those questions. The key for us is to do it in the way where it feels inevitable and surprising.”

As for the return of the Mirror Universe, that’s done. It won’t be showing up for season two. Kurtzman quickly shut the idea of the mirror universe down.

“We felt that the mirror universe served an incredible specific character purpose last year,” said Kurtzman. “The first half of the season was about blowing up Burnham’s life so that in a way she had an opportunity to fix problems – emotional and literal problems.”

We did notice Wilson Cruz, who played the beloved deceased Dr. Culber, on the panel, which confirmed his return to the show – ALIVE.

“We can tell you that there is a relationship to begin with here. My neck feels fine,” joked Cruz.

Rapp hinted that Culber’s return had to do with science and the mycelia they are working with, especially since Stamets is so connected with the spores.

“It really is inspired by real science that Stamets have to say about mycelia and how it interacts with matter in the universe and his theories about that,” Rapp revealed. “We take that in a few areas.”

As for the love between the two characters, Culber is excited for the audience to see more of this relationship. “I’m excited they [the fans] are going to have this experience,” he shared. “We are going to learn a lot more about, individually, these two men and together. I think we are going to deepen this relationship and these characters.”

Of course, the biggest news to share about this upcoming season of Star Trek: Discovery is the introduction of the Enterprise and Captain Pike (Anson Mount).

Kurtzman assured the audience that this season will be a good mix between the original Star Trek and the seriousness of Discovery.

“There is a lot of fun this season,” said Kurtzman. “Last season was about war. It’s tough to stock down on humor when the stakes were so high and life and death are what you’re dealing with every day.”

He revealed that Captain Pike will be very similar to Jeffrey Hunter’s version in the TOS pilot.

“[Pike’s] a man who is very kind and has tremendous authority, but can still apologize when he’s wrong,” Kurtzman explained. “He’s the opposite of Lorca.”

Mount, who eerie does look like Hunter’s Pike, was excited to play the iconic character. “Pike was Roddenberry’s original face of Starfleet,” said Mount. “I knew there was a tremendous optimism to this character. A good heart. Probably somebody with good mentors.”

Star Trek: Discovery returns this fall on CBS All-Access.

Check out Star Trek: Discovery’s SDCC Hall-H panel below:

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