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Last year Sonic Mania raced onto gaming screens and was easily the greatest entry in recent years, and this year SEGA released Sonic Mania Plus. The original Sonic Mania mixed classic and new levels where fans can relive the golden age of Sonic games. With a combination of high speed and tight platforming, the game was a gem that continued the legacy of the Sonic games and in some ways even improves it. With the introduction of two new characters, the Sonic Mania Plus brings even more to the table.

Sonic Mania Plus: The Encore

Firstly Sonic Mania Plus brings Encore mode. It’s a DLC add-on that introduces two new characters, Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. The mode itself continues the story and adds new levels. Mania consisted of many classic and new levels as well, but Encore introduces remixed levels. They can range from certain stage elements being switched or stage layouts being swapped. It allows for the familiarity of the original game but adds enough new things to still make it a fresh experience.

Mighty and Ray add some different gameplay elements. While they feel similar to Tails and Knuckles, both characters provide unique kits for their levels. For instance, Ray has a glide like Knuckles but can gain momentum by diving. This changes how certain levels can be played. The interesting part is that in Encore mode, you’re switching between different characters to clear levels. At first, you’re limited to two characters, but the roster expands and you’re able to play with the entire cast.

Nostalgia Trips

Sonic Mania was a massive success in part due to its nostalgia. The game pulls from classic titles and brings up a wave of satisfaction that feels immeasurable. Zooming through Green Hill Zone and hearing all the classic sounds is remarkably fun. Playing through each level has a great sense of progression, and even when you fail, it still feels rewarding. This is ramped up in Plus. The levels can have ramped up difficulty or new areas added in. The level remixes provide just enough challenge for you to want to power through and keep playing.

Final Reaction

Sonic Mania Plus is most likely the best Sonic game to date. The base game was already a crowning achievement for SEGA and loved by longtime fans. Bridging together nostalgia and new elements take time to do and can be disastrous if done wrong. Yet Plus manages to do both masterfully and creates something amazing that should not be missed.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms

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