More Bleach characters join the fight in Jump Force

Jump Force is the upcoming game by Bandai which takes characters from popular mangas and animes and places them in our world to either save us or help destroy us. They have introduced Goku, Frieza, Luffy, Naruto, and Light Yagami and Ryuuk. Now they have introduced more Shinigamis into the game.

We get to see Rukia, Aizen, and the final form of Ichigo (based on the manga). I actually thought the final form of Ichigo was at first Renji, but then I saw the sword was different. We do get to see Rukia’s Bankai, Hakka no Togame (based on the manga), for a split second. That means we do get to see her perform a Bankai. Then we see Aizen’s character also in his final form.

Are you excited about this game? I know I am. No word on an exact release date other than 2019.

Check out the trailer below.

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