Alchemi Labs River Hat review

Living in the desert means the sun will be in full force early in the morning, and you will want to protect yourself from the rays. Being a local company, Alchemi Labs knows that very well and is coming out with hats to protect that dome of yours thanks to its reflective hats.


I was able to receive Alchemi Labs’ River Hat just before the Independence Day holiday, so I put it to good use. The had is different from other circular brimmed hats. The brim and the top of the hat contain a reflective material similar to those used for inside the car. (It reflects the sun rays, but it’s not as thick as those.) The crown is ventilated with mesh netting, but the front and back are obstructed. The front has the Alchemi Labs emblem, and on one side it has the Alchemi Labs logo. The back is a drawstring where you can adjust the size of the hat. The River Hat comes in 4 different colors Khaki, Blue, Dark Olive Green, and Beige.

For the Fourth of July holiday, I had that hat on most of the day while I was out and about. It may look a bit weird to some folks, but it works and does its job. The sun was out and with a blistering 106-degree heat, and it was a dry heat with little to no wind in sight. So the ventilation was great, especially because I was walking around and eating.

I am usually wary about hats that are one size fits all because they are usually too tight for my big dome. I wear a size 7 3/4 fitted cap. That’s not huge but it is hard to find a good one-size-fits-all hat. This actually fit me pretty good, though it is a snug fit with a pinky finger’s width of space. So if you wear a larger size, this may not be for you. Also, this is also very lightweight so it is not too cumbersome. Finally, the brim is wide enough that it can protect your neck as well as your head.

Final Reaction

I was skeptical at first, but it does help a bit on keeping your head and neck from getting burned too bad. On the website, they claim that the hat can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays, and I would have to agree with that statement. This is a well thought out product and would be a great gift to those that spend time outside hiking, gardening, or any outside activities.

Checkout AlchemiLabs for more info.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

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