SDCC: Warner Bros surprises with early Wonder Woman 1984 clip

Wonder Woman made her grand return to Hall H during this year’s Warner Bros panel. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine took some time off from filming Wonder Woman 1984 to talk about the film and present something new to the raucous crowd.

During the panel, Patty Jenkins gave a very deep answer as to why the movie is in the 80s. “[The 80s] was a time when humanity was at its best and it’s worse.” With Reaganomics and the rise of greed, it’s easy to see what she’s talking about.

Then Chris Pine’s return came into question. Like how is he back when his character dies in the first film? Unfortunately, the answer may or may not be what you’re looking for. “It’s something that you have to watch the film for. It’s an important part of the movie,” Jenkins said.

Wonder Woman 1984 - Chris Pine

Also, don’t think that Wonder Woman 1984 is a direct sequel to Wonder Woman. According to Gal Gadot, it’s not. “It’s not really a sequel, it’s more like a different chapter for Diana.”

As a thank you to all the fans, Warner Bros decided to give us a little rough cut taste of what we can expect from Wonder Woman 1984. Which isn’t surprising since Wonder Woman 1984 has only been shooting for 3 weeks now.

Nevertheless, the clip starts with Wonder Woman armored boots walking. As the camera pans up, we see that Diana is inside a mall. A little girl holding a teddy bear appears and Wonder Woman grabs her and slides her towards a giant teddy bear sitting on the ground.

Two gunmen show up and try to shoot at her. However, She takes the gunmen’s guns and crushes them to bits. Afterward, she then busts out the lasso of truth and grabs the both of them. Then she jumps off the second floor with the two men are being dragged on the floor.

The clip ends with Wonder Woman running really fast on a busy street.

It’s a short clip but it does tease the 80s vibe that Patty Jenkins is going for.

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