VR mech shooter Archangel: Hellfire brings multiplayer action

Archangel: Hellfire

Skydance Interactive’s Archangel, an on-rails mech shooter in VR, was released in August of 2017. Last week the studio released Archangel: Hellfire for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which takes the VR mech shooter to the next level. Attendees at San Diego Comic-Con last week also had the chance to check out the game at the Skydance booth at FutureTechLive! inside the Omni hotel. As for the game, pilots are now able to maneuver freely as they play co-op and PvP matches. I was invited over to the SkyDance Interactive offices to check out the new expansion, and it feels like a completely different game.

With Archangel, you follow a linear narrative campaign while being on-rails. But with Archangel: Hellfire, you can move your mech freely around the map. Buttons have been optimized for online modes, and you’ll be able to focus on your strengths on the fly by moving the different sliders up or down. (These are placed above your cockpit.) For example, if you’re trying to be evasive, you can move the speed slider up to max your speed. This, however, will lower down the other feats. If you want to focus on firepower and defense, you can raise the sliders for both attack power and defense level up, but your other feats will be lowered.

Team Deathmatch (PvP) has two teams of two facing each other in deadly combat. Certain mechs will have certain advantages, and you can use them wisely for specific maps. And there are six different types of mech suits, with the large ones being slower but powerful, the mediums being versatile, and the small ones being weaker but faster. Each mech has its own powerful abilities; one mech has the ability to hover over enemies while unloading missiles.

Playing a PvP match is intense, as enemy players can hide between buildings and platforms for surprise attacks or getting to safety. Players can get the advantage by moving around the map to collect health or energy. By collecting energy, a player can speed up their special ability meter, and once that’s filled, they can unleash hell.

Mechs have primary and secondary firepower, and both mech arms will be equipped with weapons and shield. Timing is very important, so it’s important to you know when to shoot and when to pop up your shields.

Cooperative Mech Assualt (horde mode) will have you and three other players team up to face hordes of enemies. The controls are similar to the PvP mode, and you’ll need to coordinate attacks to take down threats and machinery. Of course, if you rather play solo, you can do that too.

With off-rail controls, you’ll need to be able to move the camera with your head and thumb. There are two options for controlling with the thumbstick, and they are smooth and quick turns. I suggest using the quick turn camera movements since you’ll be less prone to motion sickness. (A few percentage can handle the smooth turns.)

Archangel: Hellfire offers an exhilarating and action-packed experience inside a mech, and that’s amplified with the immersive VR technology. Once players get used to the controls and moving around in VR, the game really begins to shine as you become the ultimate mech fighter pilot.

To entice players to play multiplayer, Skydance Interactive and Opera Event will be hosting the Mech Ascent Championship, a competitive PvP tournament where teams can get the chance to win $500 weekly prizes and a $2,000 grand prize, a custom bomber jacket and a Golden Mech. Players can now start by earning top spots on the game’s Leaderboard.

The full Archangel: Hellfire game will include the Archangel single-player campaign, cooperative Mech Assult, PvP multiplayer and six custom mech skins. However, if you want to test out PvP, you can do so for free with the Archangel: Hellfire “Enlist Free” download, which is available on Oculus, Steam, Green Man Gaming and the Humble store.

Synopsis: Archangel: Hellfire takes place at the end of the 21st century, with the world in ruins as a consequence of a deadly ecological disaster. Countries are now under the control of HUMNX, a tyrannical corporation born out of a desire to “heal the world,” no matter the human cost. Leading the opposition are the United States Free Forces, who are waging a war of resistance against HUMNX to try and take back their freedom. Armed with an experimental weapon, The Archangel, the resistance has landed a serious blow on HUMNX, but the war is just beginning. HUMNX resources are plentiful, and while they may have lost a decisive battle, they have been working on weapons of their own to face off against Archangel-class mechs.

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