National Geographic’s ‘Mars’ and ‘Valley of the Boom’ kick things off at TCA party

Nat Geo TCA Party

Credit: John Nguyen/Nerd Reactor

National Geographic held a kickoff party for the Television Critics Association (TCA) on July 25 on the rooftop of The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. Nerd Reactor was present along with talent from current and upcoming TV programmings like MARS Season 2 and Valley of the Boom. The evening was filled with food, alcohol, sweets and puppies!

Mars had a huge presence at the party with its upcoming second season coming this fall. There was a big spinning Mars at the center of the rooftop party, with guests surrounding it.

In the first season, Mars is a mix of scripted drama and documentary with scientists and experts in the field. The fictional portion follows colonists as they head to Mars to create a settlement.

MARS second season synopsis: This second season’s six-part arc jumps ahead several years into the future after the Daedalus astronauts have built a full-fledged colony — Olympus Town. Having established humankind as an interplanetary species, MARS examines the impact that humans have on the Red Planet and the consequences the planet has on us.

Mars Season Two will be a six-part series, and it will take place in the year 2042. Government financing won’t be enough for the colonists of Olympus Town, and this will create drama between science and industry.

Check out the trailer below:

Valley of the Boom

National Geographic’s Valley of the Boom will take viewers on a journey into Silicon Valley’s tech boom and its bust in the 1990s.  The six-part limited series will premiere in 2019 and stars actor Bradley Whitford, Steve Zahn and Lamorne Morris. The majority of the show will be scripted with drama, comedy and pathos converging, and like Mars, there will be documentary elements spliced in to help inform viewers of the true story.

Nat Geo TCA Party


Phil Keoghan hosts the show that transports viewers to different areas of the world where scientific, technological and historical discoveries are made. He will meet with National Geographic Explorers and correspondents as he goes on his own adventure.

EXPLORER’s signature documentary segments are curated to probe complex global shifts, relationships and phenomena, including taking you into the active and unusual Masaya Volcano, situated in the Jicaro Islands of Nicaragua; investigating how we set ourselves up for interplanetary migration; digging deep into the future of farming to battle the food crisis; embedding in the world of the “Godfather of Gaza” to investigate the business of surviving an occupation; and uncovering the unexpected dangers of legally selling cannabis in the U.S.

This 20-part series will premiere in Fall 2018.

Nat Geo TCA Party


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