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When it comes to your personal electronics, there’s no better way to let your creativity and style come through other than to customize them. Now you can add skins that give your electronics the look of carbon fiber, granite, or even a splash of your favorite color. But what if you’re looking for something a little bit more? Toast is a company that produces skins for your electronics, but instead of using simple stickers and decals, they provide products that use real wood and genuine leather to make your electronics stand out.

As a MacBook user, I’ve always shied away from the idea of covering up my laptop with a skin, as it gave me that look of pretentiousness and superiority that let everyone know that I owned a MacBook computer. But over the years, I grew bored of that silver unibody look, with the glowing Apple logo, and decided I needed to give my computer a little flare. After scouring through the products Toast offers, I ended up going with a leather skin for my MacBook air.

When I finally received my Toast skin, upon opening it, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Some companies like to say their products use real leather, but end up being fake. Real, genuine leather has a certain smell to it that lets you know that it’s real, and that’s the odor that wafted up to my nose the instant I opened my package. The color I opted for was black. You can call it boring, but I find that it gives my computer a nice elegant and streamlined look. Pair that with that with the glowing apple logo, and I was happy the way my computer now looked.

The leather skin was very easy to apply, almost to the point where you don’t even need to use the accompanying instructions, but I recommend that you do so. The first thing that they instruct you to do is to clean the surface of your electronics that the skin will be applied to using the included alcohol wipe. Once everything is nice and clean, it’s time for you to apply the skin. Now before you apply, you want to make sure that you line everything up just right. The adhesive they use on these skins is super sticky and the last thing you want to do is to try and peel off your skin because you didn’t align everything correctly. It took me less than two minutes to apply the leather skin perfectly aligned, and now my MacBook looked sexier than ever.

The leather skin has some thickness to it but doesn’t give my computer a bulkier feeling. The edges of the skin are rounded which blends nicely with the edge of my computer. The feel of the leather is nice and smooth like the way real leather should feel like. At the bottom, you’ll find the Toast logo which is embossed nicely into the leather, which provides a nice textured feel to it when you run your finger over it. Overall I was very pleased that I had chosen to go with the real leather look and feel than the wood. If you ever thought that MacBook owners give off that elitist vibe because they’re MacBook owners, well just imagine if all of them had theirs wrapped in real, genuine leather. I know I did.

A genuine leather cover for your MacBook starts at $99 with additional costs for further customization, including custom texts and designs. If leather isn’t your style, Toast also offers covers made out of different kinds of wood, that can take your electronics to the next level of coolness

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