SDCC: Kevin Smith talks about his health scare, Hollyweed, and more during his Hall H panel

Kevin Smith wasn’t supposed to be here at Comic-Con this year. Yet he came back to host the “A Night with Kevin Smith” panel at Hall H this year. Because that’s who he is. He is one of us. Him, like us, will do whatever it takes to come to the Mecca of geekdom every year. So it should come as no surprise that he would come back to Comic-Con five months after suffering a massive heart attack.

Kevin Smith didn’t shy away from the elephant in the room either. He began the panel by talking about the entire incident in his own personal and hilarious way. Not to mention, we should thank the stars that he smoked a ton of weed that day.


Because Smith was so incredibly calm during this process that it didn’t raise his heart rate when he found out about the terrifying news. Also, Smith revealed that he was okay with biting the bullet if it came down to it. He referenced Neil Gaiman’s Sandman as an example of why he was at peace with dying.


This entire segment has honest and open. He didn’t leave anything out. At times, it also seemed like this was a bit therapeutic to him. Primarily because we mean as much to him as his own family.

Also, didn’t want to go out on Yoga Hosers… That’s why he’s creating Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. The premise of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is simple. Whereas Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back has the duo going cross country to stop Hollywood from making a movie about them, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot have the duo going cross country to stop Hollywood from making a reboot about them. It’s kind of genius if you think about it.

But most of the panel revolves around Hollyweed, a show that he hopes gets enough crowdfunding so he can create more episodes. In case you’re wondering, yes, Hollyweed is basically Clerks but in a weed store. Smith shopped around the pilot episode around but no one wanted to pick it up. So the pilot sat at his computer for 2 or 3 years.

That’s when Rivit TV came into play. The service gives creators a chance to put their pilots on there and let the fans decide it more episodes should be created. Plus, you can choose your price point as well. Currently, price ranges from $1.99 per episode ($11.94 total) to $5.99 per episode ($35.94). But there is a deadline. If Smith doesn’t reach his 5.3 million goals by August 25th then you will not be charged. However, if he does reach his goal then he’ll begin filming the six episodes in September.

This was also the first time that Kevin Smith showed the pilot episode in front of a massive audience. Needless to say, it was a hit with the Hall H crowd. Sure, fans loved it because it was Kevin Smith making it. However, the pilot was actually funny. If you want to check out the pilot episode, you can check it out for free by clicking here.

Overall, the entire panel lasted around two and a half hours. An entire hour longer than what was on the programming sheet. However, no one in Hall H minded. We’re just glad to see Kevin Smith in there.

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