SDCC: Doctor Who showcases new trailer and sonic screwdriver for season 11

The seats in Hall H were completely full of fans ready for the Thursday Hall H panel to begin. Fans of BBC America’s Doctor Who were anxiously waiting for Jodie Whittaker, the next Doctor and first woman Doctor, to arrive with her two companions – Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill. New showrunner Chris Chibnall and executive producer Matt Strevens were also present during the panel talking about the upcoming season.

When asked what she thought of her first Comic-Con experience, Whittaker said, “Loud. Amazing. Lots and lots of support. Feels like a home crowd.”

Chibnall, who is no stranger to the Comic-Con experience, having been to Comic-Con for Torchwood years ago, laughed, “You can’t explain Comic-Con, can you?”

The conversation moved over to the secrecy of Whittaker getting the iconic role as the Doctor. She turned down a lot of acting jobs and told them she was busy already. She even avoided social events to keep it secret. Cole, who plays Ryan in the upcoming season, told everyone he knew he got the role straight away and later found out, he wasn’t supposed to. 

Of course, not much could be shared during the panel, but the sonic screwdriver was revealed by Whittaker, who had one of the toy screwdrivers on hand during the panel. The sonic screwdriver became available for purchase at the BBC America booth at Comic-Con, but will be availble for pre-order for everyone else on July 25th.

“There is a very specific way that the Doctor comes by the sonic driver,” said Chibnall. It was designed by production designer Arwen Jones, who created many props from the Doctor Who universe as well as BBC’s Sherlock. The materials will be revealed in the first episode, so you won’t have to wait long to see what it’s made from.

As for potential spoilers, Chibnall revealed there will be a bunch of new villains that the Doctor will take on. Filming for the first season is almost over and Chibnall said there were no Daleks so far. He would never rule them out, but none so far.

Doctor Who returns this October on BBC One and BBC America.

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