SDCC: Chris Pratt’s worlds collide in new The LEGO Movie 2 footage

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

Although The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part doesn’t hit theaters until 2019, that hasn’t stopped Warner Bros before. During this year’s jam-packed Warner Bros lineup, Phil Lord & Chris Miller and the rest of the cast revealed the trailer for the film. Now, eveyone on stage got to see what what they had in store for us. Unlike the other panels where Warner Bros publicly released the trailer, the studio has yet to put this line. Either way, you can read what happened in this Hall H footage by reading below:

The Lego Movie 2 clip starts in the an apocalyptic looking desert. Wyldstyle is is giving a brooding speech while standing on the torch of the Statue of Liberty. All of a sudden, Emmet cheerfully comes in with two cups of coffee and makes fun of Wyldstyle’s broodiness. A siren begins to sound and there are aliens abducting people and attacking us, Independence Day style.

As everyone starts running into the emergency safe room the door traps a baby star by its legs. The star says it’s getting so cold as Emmet is starting to feel an immense amount of guilt. Sweet Mayhem demands that they open the door. Thankfully, the door is shut so there’s no way that Mayhem can get inside… That is until Emmet opens the door so the star can be set free. The star happily escapes but Sweet Mayhem gets inside. She then abducts the entire LEGO Master Builder squad.

Emmet goes on a suicide mission to save them and tries to get others to help him. They promptly close the door on him. As Emmet flies into space, he meets the incredibly cool, Rex Dangervest. Rex Dangervest is the other character that Chris Pratt is playing. Not to mention, he has raptors as pets. This is the “life imitating art” reference that Chris Pratt mentioned during his Hall H panel. Emmet and Rex are so much alike that they both wear vests. According to Rex’s pet raptors, they both “vest friends.”

Meanwhile, Sweet Mayhem brings the Master Builders to meet the leader, a unicorn who’s voiced by Tiffany Haddish. The design is similar to the kiddy unrefined style from the end of the first film. Finally, we get a sequence when Batman saves people from the Batplane. When he lands, though, a lit up sign says you’re welcome on the wall of where he lands.

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The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part hits theaters on February 8, 2019.

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