SDCC: FX’s AHS and Legion FXhibition activations

FX set up their activation in their usual spot at Comic-Con 2018 on the Hilton Bayfront lawn. The openness of FXhibition made it easy for passer-by’s to get quick photo ops at the multiple displays. Couches were also set up for a nice relaxation vibe, which came complete with sunscreen stations. Especially since not all the couches were in the shade. The two major activations being presented were from “Legion” and “American Horror Story.” There was also a smaller gallery to peruse for the upcoming “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff, “The Mayans.”

American Horror Story Activation
This activation is a gallery walkthrough but with a technology twist. You go from creepy exhibit to another with an augmented reality tablet and headphones. The ambiance is creepy with a hollow background soundtrack typically heard in horror movies. You will be able to experience things like raining teeth and goat gods. The immersion of this experience is further enhanced by the cloaked actors that guide you on your way.

FXhibition: Legion activation

Legion Activation
This activation on the outside looks like a futuristic house. Inside, things are a bit simpler with a mirrored room with cryptic kaleidoscope effects. There is a sprinkling of “Legion” characters spread throughout this demonstration, but the story of this activation is a bit sparse. It may be worth a shot if you see a short line and want a brief brilliance of air conditioning.

If you’re still in San Diego, you can catch the FXhibition during these times:

  • Thursday July 19th,12pm – 6pm
  • Friday July 20th, 10am – 6pm
  • Saturday July 21st, 10am – 6pm
  • Sunday July 22nd, 10am – 2pm


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