SDCC: Halloween Hall H footage bring the tension and violence

SDCC: Halloween

Universal Pictures made its way back to Hall H in a scary and thrilling way. During the panel, Jamie Lee Curtis, David Gordon Green, Malek Akkad, and Jason Blum gave Hall H what it wanted… Halloween at Comic-Con. Also, tension and violence.

As you saw in the Halloween trailer, Michael Myers runs into some kids in Halloween costumes. But afterwards, he then walks towards the garage of a house. He walks inside the garage and grabs a hammer. He proceeds to go into a house where you see a movie playing on TV. Instead of teenagers, it’s a lady with hair rollers. She checks the TV and then heads back into kitchen… Where Michael Myers is.

The lady screams and a loud thud occurs. The camera pans in and you see the lady sitting down, head on the table with blood on it. This is how Michael Myers gets his knife. He walks through the front of the house and passes by a baby crib. He walks past it and goes back outside with a knife. There’s a brief moment when it feels like he’s gonna kill the baby.

Some of the iconic Halloween music plays. All of a sudden, you hear a car unlocks. A woman in a sexy nurse outfit walk towards the car while the husband says that he forgot the keys in the house. Michael walks towards her as the man goes back into the house. He proceeds to walk towards the woman when the man said that the keys have been in his pocket the entire time.

Instead, he walks towards the porch of another house. He looks inside as the iconic mask casts a reflection on the window. A woman walks into view and is talking on the phone. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see him. Bingo. He found his next victim. The camera doesn’t move as you see him walk past the side of the house.

The woman gets off the phone and comes towards the window. She inspects the situation outside as Michael Myers enters. He walks towards the woman and bashes her head against the wall. Afterwards, he stabs her through the back of the neck. Not to mention, you see the knife go through the front.

Then there’s a new trailer that follows. It features a good amount of footage from the original trailer. In addition, it seems like the entire movie will be a cat-and-mouse game between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode.

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