SDCC: Bumblebee Hall H footage sees the G1 Transformers come to life


Michael Bay’s Transformers have gone through a lot of criticism for its mishandling of the franchise. Sadly, this isn’t what fans of the franchise wanted and neither did the general audience. Each subsequent film has made less and less. Now, LAIKA’s Travis Knight has taken over to give us a throwback film to the Transformers that we know and love.

The clip starts with Bee waking up in the forest. All of a sudden, he’s running away in the forest as the military is after him. He gets cornered at a rock quarry. Bee sees the military coming and goes into battle mode. He fights back and tries to run away but a hummer runs into him. We see that it’s John Cena’s Agent Burns, as he points a large harpoon at him. Burns looks up in the air and sees a fighter jet. He’s doesn’t know what’s going on because he didn’t call for aerial backup. Now, Blitzwing that’s after him.

All of a sudden, Blitzwing shoots missiles at Bumblebee and promptly transforms and a fight ensues. Blitzwing attacks Bee against the rock face of the mountain. It’s similar to Thor attacking Iron Man against the cliff in Avengers.

Sadly, Bumblebee is getting his ass kicked all over the place. Blitzwing grabs Bee by the throat and tells him that he hereby sentences him to die. Bee falls off the mountain cliff. Bumblebee is in a bad way. Inside of Bee’s HUD it says “Memory Core. Critical Failure.” He looks around and sees a Volkswagen Bug in the distance right before shutting down. This is how Bee gets the form of the classic Bug.

The trailer then goes into the scene from CinemaCon. However, there is a new scene. She’s searching for a part from a boat. Unfortunately, she causes a domino effect on the boat and reveals a yellow VW Bug. Unfortunately, he’s beat up. Charlie rushes to talk to the owner of the junkyard. She tries to make a bet with him that if she starts the car then the car is hers. Of course, the owner doesn’t bite. She tells work here everyday for a year if she can get the car because it’s her birthday. Fortunately for her, the owner has sympathy for her and gives her the car.

Unfortunately for her, the owner and his friend talk about how the car is a deathtrap. But she’s happy though, so it’s fine for him. Then it continues to the Bee scene from CinemaCon. Next, there’s a bunch of scenes occur including Agent Burns teaming up with the Shatter and Dropkick. Oh, and we get to see the G1 Optimus Prime. So there’s that. Luckily for all the Transformers fans out there, Travis Knight is

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