SDCC: Become a CIA operative in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Fan Experience

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Are you down in San Diego but don’t have a Comic-Con badge? Then you’re in luck! One of the most immersive and best activations in recent memory is happening during this year’s Comic-Con. Amazon went all out promoting its latest high profile series, “Jack Ryan.”

Starring John Krasinski, the fan experience places you in the role of a CIA analyst. Then the Jack Ryan Fan Experience puts you in “Yemen” where part of the series takes place. There are two major encounters within the experience.

Jack Ryan Fan Experience - Training Field

First, there is the Jack Ryan training field which is an immersive VR obstacle course. Yes, you read that right… VR obstacle course. You get to participate in a field exam via the Oculus Rift and Optitrack 4D technology. The training field experience will put you in situations where you’ll rappelling from a helicopter, traversing between dangerous high rise buildings, and zip-lining to ground level. Not to mention, Twitch users can participate in the fun by joining in and sending projectiles at you during your mission. In the end, you get to find out whether or not you passed your field exam.

Next, there’s the Dark Ops escape room. This escape room puts you into an active situation where you have to help Jack free an asset from the field. Not to mention, it also recreates the pilot episode of the series itself.

Jack Ryan Fan Experience - Dark Ops

There are a few others stuff that you can do while you’re there. You can hit up the bazaar where you can receive some free swag, water, ice cream, and snacks for your adventure. There’s a photobooth within the experience too. Finally, you may also encounter some “side quests” while you’re there. At random times, you may be approached by someone there where they’ll give you a mission. This mission is mostly a scavenger hunt type game but it forces you to search high and low throughout the experience.

Unfortunately, as it is with most free Comic-Con experiences, the wait will be very long. So be prepared to wait a long time for it. But it’ll definitely be worth it just for the two major experiences. You can find the Jack Ryan Fan Experience at the corner of Martin Luther King Promenade and 1st Avenue. The Jack Ryan Fan Experience will be open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM Thursday through Saturday, and 9 AM to 5 PM on Sunday.

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