SDCC: Entertainment Earth exclusives to look out for

Entertainment Earth are hitting San Diego Comic-Con hard with their exclusives. With properties like Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Twilight Zone, Star Trek, and many more, Entertainment Earth are crushing it with their toys and collectibles.

This year is no exception.

Comic-Con Exclusives

Entertainment Earth has teamed up with DC artist Chris Uminga to create three variants of Batman – the classic blue and gray Batman (limited to 1,500, $60); Flashpoint Batman (limited to 750, $75); and, Matte Black & Gold Batman (limited to 300, $100). Each box contains three collectible art cards. The Matte Black & Gold Variant Vinyl Figure also includes a signed art card from designer Chris Uminga, which is why it is limited to 300. The website does offer pre-order for the item, but it will only be shipped if they do not sell it at San Diego Comic-Con.

Comic-Con Debuts



Making its first appearance in the United States, the new Harry Potter toys have made their debut at this year’s Comic-Con. The new Harry Potter series toys are all quite magical. Please note, these items will first be sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343. If supplies remain after the show, your order will be filled and shipped to you then, in August 2018.

The Harry Potter Mystery Flying Snitch ($25) is pretty darn cool. Using your hands, you could command the snitch to rise and fly around your body – wings flapped and all! This toy is perfect for cosplayers and Harry Potter toy collectors to display on their shelf.

For fans of Voldemort, Entertainment Earth are offering Tom Riddle’s Diary Notebook and Invisible Wand Pen ($20), which comes with a magic quill for you to write in invisible ink and use the magic UV tip wand to reveal the hidden message.

Using science and “magic”, the Harry Potter Wingardium Leviosa Kit ($17)will have you playing all day. The toy includes Hermione’s wand, a white feather, and instructions for how to use the wand to command the feather to rise and hover before your very eyes.

Inspired by the Japanese kokeshi dolls, Entertainment Earth have revealed their Wittles Wooden Doll collection. The two wittles offered at the Entertainment Earth booth are Wonder Woman Metallic Wittles Wooden Doll ($12) and Squirrel Girl Wittles Wooden Doll ($12). The figurines measure at 4-inches tall and are limited edition. Wonder Woman is limited to 1,504, while Squirrel Girl is limited to 1,500.

For fans of Twin Peaks, Entertainment Earth have teamed up with Bif Bang Pow! to come up with the freaky, yet intriguing Twin Peaks Evolution of the Arm Push Puppet ($9). Limited to just 1,500 pieces with an individually numbered holographic sticker, this 4-inch tall floppy wooden puppet collapses, moves, and stands up again when you push the button on the bottom of the base.

It looks like Twin Peaks aren’t the only one having wooden fun!

Entertainment Earth have included a wooden push puppet of Deadpool with baby Cable ($9) and an Infinity Gauntlet Wooden Push Puppet from Avengers: Infinity War ($9). Both are limited to 1,500 pieces each.

It looks like nothing but happy clouds and thoughts are being brought to this convention with Bob Ross Variant Version Bobble Head ($25). This shared exclusive bobble head measures about 10 1/4-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches long x 4 3/4-inches wide. Find your inspiration with the man who taught us all about The Joy of Painting and have a little reminder that there are no mistakes, just happy little accidents. The artist, who is shown with his painting on an easel, is joined by a bird, raccoon, and squirrel. There are also five different variations of Bob Ross paintings for you to change, depending on your mood.

Breakfast is the most important meal and Entertainment Earth wants to remind you of that, along with the fact that it’s summer with theirCereal Monsters Geeki Tiki Count Chocula, Frankenberry, and Boo Berry Mugs (all three as a set for $60). These mugs hold between 18 to 22 ounces, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Star Wars fans!!! Ready for a fashionable travel backpack featuring the scene from Jabba’s Palace. Yes, those scenes.

Entertainment Earth and Loungefly present the exclusive Jabba’s Palace backpack and matching pencil case ($45). Made of printed nylon and measuring approximately 17.5″ x 11.5″ x 5″, the backpack features Jabba the Hutt, Salacious Crumb, Princess Leia, Jawas, and many more in the design. The matching clutch/pencil case measures about 8-inches wide x 4-inches tall.

For Dragon Ball fans, Entertainment Earth are offering a limited edition Dragon Ball Super Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black FiGPiN Enamel Pin ($20) – only 504 available!

This premium hard-enamel 3-inch FiGPiN is amazingly detailed and able to stand up with its signature rubber backer stand. The pin features Goku Black with his bright pink hair from his full transformation. Each pin has a unique ID code on the back. The ID code provides cool details, such as the edition run, sequence number in the edition, artist bio, wave information, manufacture date, and rarity scale.

If you are the type to Rock N Roll all night, then Entertainment Earth has the exclusive debut items for KISS fans.

KISS Destroyer 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure Deluxe Box Set ($80) is making its San Diego Comic-Con Debut. Head to “Detroit Rock City” as the band comes together in this amazing boxed set of 4 excellently detailed 3 3/4-inch scale action figures modeled after the outfits worn on their iconic 1976 Destroyer tour! This KISS Destroyer 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure Deluxe Box Set – SDCC Debut from Bif Bang Pow! presents exclusive variants of Gene Simmons as The Demon with blood, Paul Stanley as The Starchild in sleeveless costume with a cream guitar, Ace Frehley as The Spaceman with black guitar, and Peter Criss as The Catman in a sleeveless costume with arm bands. The exclusive box set is limited edition of only 826 pieces, which also includes packing featuring the Destroyer album artwork and an individually numbered holographic sticker.

KISS Temporary Tattoos ($5) will have you rocking out with these KISS-inspired temporary tattoos from Bif Bang Pow!. The 12 tattoos in this KISS Temporary Tattoos set include images of each band member – The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and The Catman, as well as KISS logos and more from theAlive II album era, Includes 4-sheets of temporary tattoos.

KISS Window Decals Set of 2 Sheets ($10) will have you showing off your “family” on the back of your car. In white print on clear vinyl, these sensational decals include The Demon, The Starchild, The Spaceman, and The Catman – with their instruments – plus the band’s logo. Each character decal measures approximately 4-inches tall x 3-inches wide, and the two included sheets measure about 9 1/2-inches tall x 7-inches wide. That’s right: you get two sheets!

Based on the TV series Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers in Space Psycho Silver Ranger Legacy Collection 6-Inch Action Figure ($45) is available for purchase as an Entertainment Earth Exclusive. The evil counterpart of the Silver Ranger from Power Rangers in Space makes his appearance in the Legacy line of highly detailed and articulated action figures from Bandai as this collectible 6 1/2-inch tall figure. With show-accurate styling and premium decoration, there are 21 points of articulation and a muscular, heroic design that’s perfect for play or display! Great for adult collectors and kids alike, the Psycho Silver Ranger comes in premium Legacy Collection packaging. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to pick-up this former Toys “R” Us exclusive!

Funko and Entertainment Earth have a shared exclusive of Batman Video Game Deco 8-Bit Funko Pop! ($14) at San Diego Comic-Con this year, which measures 3 and 3/4″ tall.

Of course, Entertainment Earth’s own Pin Mates cannot be ignored!

Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set of 16 ($100)- Paying homage to Marvel’s best-selling The Infinity Gauntlet comic series that inspired Avengers: Infinity War, this sensational box set of 16 wooden Pin Mates™ is packaged in a deluxe window box package! Inside the flap, the Marvel hero Pin Mates™ are packed out recreating the iconic “hero charge” cover from Infinity Gauntlet Issue 3. The Thanos Pin Mate™ is packed on the reverse side; recreating his famous “Come and Get me!” taunt from the cover of Infinity Gautlet issue 4!

These awesome heroes and villains include Gold Series Pin Mates™ Vision (number G02), Quasar (number G03), Doctor Strange (number G04), Iron Man (number G05), Nova (number G06), Hulk (number G07), Pip the Troll (number G08), Adam Warlock (number G09), Thor (number G10), Namor (number G11), She-Hulk (number G14), Drax the Destroyer (number G15), Captain America (number G16), Spider-Man (number G17), Cloak (number G19) and Thanos (number G20). Made of solid wood and featuring highly detailed, brightly colored, 360-degree artwork, most measure about 2-inches tall. For true collectable scale, Pip is 1 ¾ inches, She-Hulk is 2 ½ inches, Thanos and Drax are 3-inches and finally Hulk is Hulk-sized at 4-inches!

Marvel’s Mutants Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set of 3 ($15) – Three of Marvel’s most popular Mutant powered heroes are here for your collection in this Gold Series Pin Mates™ wooden collectibles. Includes Scarlet Witch (number G12), Cyclops (number G13) and Wolverine (number G18). Each collectible is fashioned of solid wood and sporting highly detailed, brightly colored, 360-degree artwork. They measure about 2-inches tall, and each is a limited edition of only 1,500 pieces with an individually numbered holographic sticker!

Lin-Manuel and Tobi Pin Mates Wooden Collectibles Set of 2 ($10) – A Lin-spired release! If you love Lin-Manual Miranda and his fluffy friend Tobi, this adorable Pin Mates™ bundle is a must-have in your collection! Designed in a retro-style that’s reminiscent of figures from the 1960s and ’70s, these 2 miniature wooden collectibles are individually carded and shipped in a stylized box. Featuring 360-degree artwork and measuring 2-inches tall, Lin-Manuel is numbered S01, and Tobi is numbered S02 within the Pin Mates™ Silver Series. Ages 14 and up. Officially licensed from TeeRico by Lin-Manuel Miranda with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Luckee the Dog Pin Mates Red Series Wooden Collectible ($5) – This adorable little Pin Mates™ pooch is made of solid wood and stands about 2-inches tall. Luckee is figure number 01 in the Pin Mates™ Red Series and the perfect way to start off your collection! He features detailed, brightly colored, 360-degree artwork, so he looks terrific from any angle. First edition of just 1,500 pieces.

Entertainment Earth have released an exclusive Pin Mates of Nebula as burned and restored. No, you don’t need to buy two. This Pin Mates Collectible is DOUBLE-SIDED! So, you could actually use this to display your mood for the day – feeling good/not-so-good.

But, here’s the thing, the only way to get this exclusive item is to purchase the official Pin Mates Comic-Con bundle. Entertainment Earth are offering fans and collectors the opportunity to save money and bundle their Pin Mates purchases.

Bundle 1 includes the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates set, Marvel’s Mutants Pin Mates, Lin-Manuel & Tobi Pin Mates, and Luckee the Dog Pin Mates for a total of $115, saving you $45. In addition to the exclusive Nebula Pin Mates, Entertainment Earth will also add in a free Pin Mates T-shirt.

For those who just want to purchase the Marvel entities, Bundle 2 includes the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates and Marvel’s Mutants for a total of $100, saving you $25.

These Pin Mates are available for purchase at the Entertainment Earth Comic-Con booth #2343 and are taking pre-orders for the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates set, Marvel’s Mutants Pin Mates, Lin-Manuel & Tobi Pin Mates, and Luckee the Dog Pin Mates – if they have any leftover from San Diego Comic-Con.

Entertainment Earth are also offering bundles on their KISS products and the Harry Potter toys.

Bundle 3 includes the KISS Destroyer Action Figures, Window Decals, Temporary Tattoos, You Wanted the Best license plate frame, and My Other Car is a Tour Bus license plate frame for $100, saving you $24.

Bundle 4 includes the Mystery Flying Snitch, Wingardium Leviosa Kit, and Tom Ridle’s Diary & Invisible wand for $50, saving you $17.

Oh wait, there’s more. Entertainment Earth are throwing in more items for free with each purchase just for Comic-Con. Buyers will receive a Pin Mates Blind Box, Assorted Themed Ribbons, and a Limited Edition Toys R Us tote bag, while supplies last.

For more information on Entertainment Earth and their Pin Mates collectibles, click here.




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