Entertainment Earth showcase new Pin Mates collection for San Diego Comic-Con

Entertainment Earth are stepping up their collectibles game by featuring several exclusives and debuts, including their own collectible product, Pin Mates. With over 30 items at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Entertainment Earth is a collector’s paradise.

One of their main attractions at the Entertainment Earth booth are the new Pin Mates collection.

So, what are Pin Mates?

Modeled after the vintage Pin Family toys from the 1970s, Pin Mates have reemerged as the latest collectible toy for collectors and children, but are now tied in -with today’s hottest brands and licenses. The first set came out in 2016 and have now been re-branded with all-new packaging; all-new numbering; and, multiple series to follow and collect (Red, Silver, and Gold).

Several franchises have been licensed to Pin Mates, such as DC, Marvel (including FOX-owned characters), Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, The Twilight Zone, and many more. Made of solid wood, Pin Mates are painted in great detail. They are also extremely cute to display and fun to play with.

Entertainment Earth are offering several debuts of items to San Diego Comic-Con attendees before its release in the Fall of 2018. So, you don’t need to wait to get your hands on these toys like the Pin Mates Gold Series Marvel Infinity Gauntlet Box set (MSRP $100).

Based on the Marvel comics The Infinity Gaunlet (1991), the Pin Mates set includes Gold Series Pin Mates™ Vision (#G02), Quasar (#G03), Doctor Strange (#G04), Iron Man (#G05), Nova (#G06), Hulk (#G07), Pip the Troll (#G08), Adam Warlock (#G09), Thor (#G10), Namor (#G11), She-Hulk (#G14), Drax the Destroyer (#G15), Captain America (#G16), Spider-Man (#G17), Cloak (#G19), and Thanos (#G20). Most of the Pin Mates measure about 2-inches tall, but do have some that range in size to fit the actual comic book character. For example, Pip is 1 ¾ inches; She-Hulk is 2 ½ inches; Thanos and Drax are 3-inches; and, Hulk, being the giant that he is, stands at 4-inches!

The beautiful thing about this set is the packaging. It is already together in the box with three extra spaces for any other Pin Mates you’d like to add on.

Speaking of adding on, Entertainment Earth did not forget about your FOX-Marvel favorites – Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, and Cyclops in their 1991 outfits. Marvel’s Mutants are a Gold series set, which are limited to only 1,500 pieces (MSRP $15).

Wolverine’s mask looks so adorable as well. The great thing about this set is that it could easily be added among the Infinity Gauntlet set.

Of course, my new favorite Pin Mates is not one of fictional character but of a real person.

Entertainment Earth have teamed up with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s company TeeRico to create a Pin Mates of the musical genius himself and his dog, Tobi. As part of the Silver Series line, Miranda has officially been made into a toy and retails, with Tobi, for $10.

If you’re wondering, yes, it has Miranda’s iconic goatee, man-bun, and popular grey sweater we have seen in many of his personal videos. This collectible is perfect for the Miranda fan with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

For fans of Pin Mates looking for the nostalgia of the Pin Play Family collection, Entertainment Earth has something for you.

At this year’s Comic-Con, Entertainment Earth have released the first ever wooden Pin Mates dog named Luckee (MSRP $5). As part of the Red Series Wooden Collectible, the adorable dog is made from solid wood and stands about 2-inches tall. The first edition of the series will be limited to just 1,500 pieces.

You’re probably wondering… but, where is the Comic-Con exclusive?

Entertainment Earth have released an exclusive Pin Mates of Nebula as burned and restored. No, you don’t need to buy two. This Pin Mates Collectible is DOUBLE-SIDED! So, you could actually use this to display your mood for the day – feeling good/not-so-good.

But, here’s the thing, the only way to get this exclusive item is to purchase the official Pin Mates Comic-Con bundle. Entertainment Earth are offering fans and collectors the opportunity to save money and bundle their Pin Mates purchases.

Bundle 1 includes the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates set, Marvel’s Mutants Pin Mates, Lin-Manuel & Tobi Pin Mates, and Luckee the Dog Pin Mates for a total of $115, saving you $45. In addition to the exclusive Nebula Pin Mates, Entertainment Earth will also add in a free Pin Mates T-shirt.

For those who just want to purchase the Marvel entities, Bundle 2 includes the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates and Marvel’s Mutants for a total of $100, saving you $25.

These Pin Mates are available for purchase at the Entertainment Earth Comic-Con booth #2343 and are taking pre-orders for the Infinity Gauntlet Pin Mates set, Marvel’s Mutants Pin Mates, Lin-Manuel & Tobi Pin Mates, and Luckee the Dog Pin Mates, if there are any left after San Diego Comic-Con.

Oh wait, there’s more. Entertainment Earth are throwing in more items for free with each purchase just for Comic-Con. Buyers will receive a Pin Mates Blind Box, Assorted Themed Ribbons, and a Limited Edition Toys R Us tote bag, while supplies last.

For more information on Entertainment Earth and their Pin Mates collectibles, click here.

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