Add some style to your tabletop gaming with Elderwood Academy’s Spellbook

With tabletop gaming, your precious dice will be your main weapon, and you definitely want to hold them in something special. That’s where Elderwood Academy comes in, and it will have you rolling in style with its various products. It offers dice towers, rolling tray, dice boxes, game boxes, and more, and we were sent a Spellbook game box for review.


The spellbook came in a nondescript package, but what’s inside is the most important part. It’s held inside a red velvet pouch with Elderwood Academy and its logo emblazoned on it. The game box itself was wrapped in green leather (Green Dragonscale), and it has Gold Foil design on the front and the back. The foil itself is pressed on to the leather. A logo is usually in the middle of the design, but this one was blank. There was quite a bit of flaking of the foil, and it happened to both sides of the book. After comparing it to someone who has one as well, his spellbook was pristine. I would just tell people that it has seen many battles and has survived many dungeon raids.

The wood that the Greenscale leather was wrapped around on looks to be Cherry-base wood. It’s very sturdy and does have some weight to it, even without items inside the book. It does use real wood, so you won’t see a particle board or imitation wood to make it look like real wood. The game box is held close by a hook and latch system to ensure your dice, minis, spell cards, pens, etc. are secure inside the box. It also helps with gives it an antique look.

Now when you open the spellbook, you get a reflecting pool on the left and a foam insert of your choice on the right. There is a choice of color for the reflecting pool. The one I received was the Brass Reflecting Pool, and it had an etched design on two sides. The reflecting pool can be used in many different ways. It is all about preferences, but I usually use it to keep track of my health and weapons I have on hand. Additionally, I don’t have to keep on turning to my character sheet and updating it every time I lose health or want to equip a different weapon. Make sure you use dry erase markers since what you write will be permanent.

Depending on the type of insert you choose, it can fit your dice, minis, pens, spell cards, or any other items. I received the Rolling Foam insert which can hold 13 dice and a large square on top to use for your dice roll. I use the dice holder to hold a few of my D8s, D6s, D4s, and D20s. Different days the dice can give you a good roll; other days it can’t be used to save you from getting a crit. You can also remove the foam to give you more space for your dice roll. And there’s no need to worry about damaging the wood underneath because it is lined with felt to protect, though I wouldn’t recommend using any metallic dice on this game box. And if you want an extra insert, there may be a way to get one. But as of now, there isn’t a way to get one on the website.

I have used this for almost a month, and it’s gotten a lot of questions and looks for sure. The reflecting pool has been very helpful during my D&D sessions since it has helped me keep track of my health, items on hand, and weapons equipped without having to update my character sheet. And the right side of the book has helped me carry all my dice in one location instead of carrying multiple pouches, or buying a Crown Royal bag which seems to be the popular choice.

Final Reaction

The Elderwood Acadamy Spellbook game box is a great item to have for your D&D sessions. It is not for the frugal with a base price of over $100, and it can upwards of over $150 depending on the customization. But if you have some cash lying around and want to sport an awesome spellbook to your dice, then look no further than Elderwood Academy. The few flaws it had caused the grade to drop a little, but it is still a great item to have. It’s the perfect gift to give for someone who plays tabletop games.

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Rating: 4/5 Atoms

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