Deadmau5, Kevin Smith, Ludicrus competed in PUBG esports event

Amazon Prime Day starts today until the 17th, and it’s a special day for cheap deals for the online retailer. This past Friday on July 13th, deadmau5 and other celebrities attended the Los Angeles Unboxing Prime Day event in Downtown LA. Twitch Prime teamed up with PUBG where streamers and celebrities competed in the PUBG Squad Showdown.

Celebrities aside from deadmau5 included MMA fighter Anderson Silva, rapper Ludicrus, Jonathan Tucker (Westworld), Devin Druid (13 Reasons Why), Timothy Granaderos (13 Reasons Why) and director Kevin Smith (Clerks). Streamers included are Shroud, Dr DisRespect, Anne Munition, Chocotaco, anthony_kongphan, Ashek, Lil_Lexi, DizzyKitten, Tsm_viss, Luzu, Tsm_smak, GoldGlove, GiantWaffle, N0thing, and Trick2g.

Smith was happy to help out his team in the PUBG showdown, but he admits that they would be better off without him. With that said, he was still a trooper and took advice from the streamers. (The director will also be hosting events for IMDB at San Diego Comic-Con, so keep an out for him there.)

In the evening, deadmau5 performed and debuted his new music, “mau5ville: level 1”. The collection contains “Monophobia” featuring Rob Swire and collaborations with GTA and Getter and remixes by Latroit, Attlas and Rinzen. The collection is named after deadmau5’s Minecraft server and includes new and unreleased original music and remixes.

You can check out the event footage at

mau5ville: level 1 at

Here’s the complete track listing for deadmau5′ mau5ville: level 1:

01. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire)
02. Getter – All Is Lost (feat. nothing,nowhere.)
03. GTA – Something Like
04. deadmau5 – Monophobia (Rinzen Remix)
05. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Latroit Extended Remix]
06. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [ATTLAS Remix]
07. deadmau5 – Nyquist
08. deadmau5 – Monophobia (feat. Rob Swire) [Extended Mix]
Beatport Exclusive/Bonus Tracks:
09. deadmau5 – Monophobia (Original Mix)
10. deadmau5 – Monophobia (Latroit Extended Dub)

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