Ubisoft’s Transference could fill the emptiness left by Kojima’s PT

Ubisoft invited Nerd Reactor into their secret demo area separate from the main Ubisoft booth for this new IP. While heading to E3, my only hints about this developing game was that it was a “psychological thriller” and “VR,” but yes, those words were all that was needed to bring the boys to the yard. Well, there’s also the name Elijah Wood, who serves as one of the creative minds of this game. (Lord of the Rings influence is probably likely.) The game is self-described to be “a thriller that feels like a movie, but plays like a game.”

The Story

You play a brilliant-but-troubled scientist named Raymond Hayes who subjects himself to the combined consciousness of his wife and son. By switching perspectives between these individuals, Raymond is able to piece together their fragmented memories. This simulation becomes dark and twisted as Raymond starts experiencing missing data blocks in his mission to solve their mysterious disappearance.

The Eeriness

I felt that sound effects contributed the most to the eeriness of the demo. You would hear distant voices that serve as hints, but at the same time, you question yourself if you wanted to keep venturing towards the voices. While shifting between the different planes, the shock factor of appearing suddenly into a bloody scene is enough to jolt most strong-pants journeyers. Granted that there were a couple clipping issues, and objects were not easily manipulated to solve some of the puzzles, all those issues are sure to be hashed out when the final version drops in the fall.

An Escape Game

This small sample made me thirsty for more. I love a good fright and am also a self-proclaimed escape room addict. Transference is essentially an escape room set in a deranged mind. Solving the puzzles will bring you closer to the answers. VR is the perfect way to envelope yourself into the frightful environment, but for those without VR or are VR sensitive, there is a TV option. Obviously, the immersion takes a hit but what better way to share a moment with your loved ones than to creep them out.

There was a hole in my heart caused by Kojima’s departure from Konami which brought a sudden halt to the PT project. I can tell you right now that Transference has the great potential to mend that broken heart.

Check out the trailer here.

Transference will be available in full VR on PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. For those without VR, the game will be fully playable on PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it launches in the fall.

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