Mission: Impossible Fallout Review

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The Mission: Impossible series has been going on for over twenty-two years now. Much like the Fast & Furious franchise, the film has had more downs than ups early in the franchise’s career. But each subsequent film after Mission: Impossible 3 gets better and better. Does Mission: Impossible Fallout continue the trend of good M:I films or does it signal the decline of the franchise?

Mission: Impossible Fallout is not only a great film but it may be the best Mission: Impossible film yet. Christopher McQuarrie has easily outdone himself with everything that he put in Fallout. Expect everything but the kitchen sink here.

Mission: Impossible Fallout follows Ethan Hunt and his IMF crew on a mission to save the world from a nuclear disaster.

Mission: Impossible Fallout - Henry Cavill & Angela Bassett

When it comes to complex storylines, no one does it better than Christopher McQuarrie. He put together a story that plays around like a chess game. There are a lot of pieces on this board and McQuarrie, somehow, weaves these characters perfectly. They never overstay their welcome nor do they disappear quickly. Each cast member gets the right amount of screen time and is given a lot to do. However, there are a few minor plot holes in the film that never got addressed at any point during the film. Unfortunately, the storyline does head into basic territory at times. It may be a complex maze but that doesn’t mean that some parts aren’t basic. Be that as it may, the action takes these generic plotlines and amplifies its intensity. As a result, the generic plotlines won’t seem so basic anymore.

At the same time, Mission: Impossible Fallout builds upon these characters that we’ve come to enjoy for several years now. You delve deeper into their personalities and you get to see what makes them tick. Not to mention, our gang feels more like a family than ever before. This is essentially where all of the laughs come from. The joking interactions between them feel very natural. None of it is forced in any way. Then again, these interactions should’ve happened two films ago. It’s crazy to think that it took this long to get that feeling from everyone.

As complex as the film is, it’s crazy that they’re able to fit so much action in this. When I say there’s a lot, there is A LOT. Mission: Impossible Fallout is relentless in its action. Not only is it intense but it’s gratifying too. Also, you get almost every single type of action scene in this film. There’s car chases, chases on foot, a helicopter chase, and hand-to-hand combat. Let’s not forget the insane stunts too. It still amazes me to see Tom Cruise perform all of these crazy stunts at his age. No matter what you think of Tom Cruise, he brings a hundred percent to these films.

Mission: Impossible Fallout - Rebecca Ferguson & Tom Cruise

But he doesn’t just bring the action to Fallout, he brings emotion to this role too. This is Ethan Hunt’s most personal mission yet. As a result, Cruise’s intensity takes over his charm this time around. Yet he also brings a vulnerability to the role too. We get to see so many different sides to Ethan Hunt in Fallout.

Ving Rhames also brings out Luther’s sensitive side too. We haven’t seen Rhames do this much in a Mission: Impossible film in a long time. It good to see old Luther get back out there in the field. Simon Pegg also shows off a different side to him as well… His action side. Pegg gets in on the action and does impress here. However, he doesn’t show much emotion here. It’s a business for Pegg.

The same can be said about Rebecca Ferguson as well. She brings a good amount of action but doesn’t show much emotion here. The biggest surprise is how good Henry Cavill is in an espionage film. The conflict between Cruise and Cavill is so entertaining to watch. This essentially Cruise’s unstoppable force meeting Cavill’s immovable object. Not to mention, his calm intensity plays better here than in Man of Steel.

Overall, Mission: Impossible Fallout is an intensely entertaining espionage film. The relentless action and thrills will take your breath away. So strap in because it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Rating: 4.5/5 atoms

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