Lost in Space to have activation at San Diego Comic-Con

Legendary Television will be hosting a free activation this year honoring Lost in Space at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International. San Diego Comic-Con International is by far one of the biggest pop culture events of the year and will be taking San Diego by storm on July 19-22. There will be tons of panels, cosplay, booths, and even more cool stuff, while some of the best things about it remain outside of the convention, and this activation should be pretty cool. If you’re there, you should definitely make a stop at the free Nerdist House at Sparks Gallery where you can see the Robot from Lost in Space. 

This is following the hit first season of Legendary Television-produced Netflix Original Series Lost in Space. Legendary is celebrating its success at Comic-Con International: San Diego with this special event at Nerdist. They will present “Robo Romance,” a free-to-fans interactive photo installation with ROBOT—who, following season one, found itself at the center of a collective internet crush by series viewers. Located at the Nerdist House at Sparks Gallery, participants can customize the setting of their photo meet up with “Robot,” including a special romantic background for enamored fans. Free “Lost in Space” giveaways will also be offered daily.

Legendary Television is currently working on the second season of Lost in Space for Netflix which is based on Irwin Allen’s classic 1960’s science fiction series. The current series includes stars starring Molly Parker (“House of Cards”), Toby Stephens (“Black Sails”) and Parker Posey (Café Society) in this modern update, the science fiction show follows the Robinson family as they fight against all odds to survive after crash landing on an alien planet and finding themselves surrounded by hidden dangers.

If you get the chance to leave the convention and enjoy some of the stuff downtown San Diego has to offer during Comic-Con, you should make your way to check this out and enjoy some special time with Robot.

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