Horror Escapes LA’s Edmond’s Attic Escape Room Review

horror escapes la edmond's attic

Hello, fellow Reactorites! We are back again for another great escape room review. Today we take a look at Horror Escapes LA’s newest addition, Edmond’s Attic. Considering the number of escape rooms we’ve done at Nerd Reactor, it seems so long ago we did their Doctor X room. I do remember that we collectively loved the experience, so I was excited to hear that we would be returning to see what they have been cooking up.

Right from the start, we are introduced to our lovely and charming vampire of the evening. The host leads us into the main hall where we were instructed on our task for the evening. I have to the say that the room was beautifully decorated. It is supposed to give off a vampire hideout/club-like atmosphere with flickering lights and macabre decor. (The room has been used for Dinner Theatre and special events.)

For the next part, our host asked for a volunteer which resulted in everyone pointing at me. Without hesitation, I stood up and followed our host to the next room. I won’t go into details, but I have seen the whole “take someone away from the group” angle down before, but not like this. Horror Escapes LA does a unique and cool twist on this concept, and further explanation will spoil the experience.

As far as the room goes, the set decorations were in line of what you’d expect of an attic that was above a vampire den. The lighting really set the mood and the wood paneling gave off a very musty vibe. All the puzzled fit the theme of the room and also aligned with the story of vampires. There was even a puzzle that involved our host, which was something I’ve never experienced. It was very interactive and immersive and I haven’t seen another room that has used a live actor in this way.

Edmond’s Attic is a very interesting and enjoyable escape room with a unique theme and design. My only suggestion for teams is to try not to rush through the puzzles because there is an overall story sprinkled throughout. Unfortunately for us, our group was too preoccupied with getting through the puzzles as fast as possible. And for those who might be curious, we did set a new record time for the room.

So if you’re in the Los Angeles area, please do yourself a favor and check out Horror Escapes LA’s Edmond’s Attic.

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